BISTel Previews Semiconductor Industry’s First Centralized AI Platform for Collaborative Knowledge Sharing Fab Model at Semicon West

Semiconductor Digest Magazine to Host Semicon West Webcast, July 21, 2pm PDT

SANTA CLARA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#AI–An aging workforce, tribal knowledge and an highly siloed manufacturing organization continues to hinder progress toward achieving the fab of the future and industry 4.0. says BISTel, the world leader in engineering equipment systems and AI applications for semiconductor manufacturing. CEO, W.K. Choi, says BISTel plans to address these long-standing challenges by previewing an AI based platform that creates a first of its kind collaborative knowledge sharing fab model at this year’s 50th Semicon West, a virtual tradeshow, July 20-22. BISTel will demonstrate the new DSS on the Semiconductor Digest Webcast at 2 pm, July 21 during the annual Semicon West tradeshow.

Cloud, AI, Edge, Big Data and IoT technologies have improved fortunes for semiconductor manufacturers. Many of these improvements are still limited to an individual task, equipment or process. In addition, BISTel says speedier adoption of these technologies and a collaborative approach is key to realizing long-term continuous improvement in manufacturing and sustained profitability

“Our smart decision support platform builds on these advances, enabling the next step in smart manufacturing improvements in the fab,” said Mr. Choi. “We are creating an eco-system where AI improves the way we work inside the fab, across fabs and geographies. Empowering engineers with self-diagnostics, self-optimization and self-correction capabilities throughout this new fab eco-system will provide a continuous improvement framework that takes fab efficiency to a higher level.”

Presented by BISTel America President, Tom Ho, and Head of Global Product Management, Monsieur Gabriel Villareal, BISTel’s AI powered Smart Decision Support System introduces the concept of a centralized AI platform to automate collaboration between different manufacturing applications. It captures, manages, and distributes knowledge from applications to empower engineers and users across fabs and in the sub fabs with recommendations, insights, and analysis to make better decisions.

Fab of the Future – A Collaborative Knowledge Sharing Fab Model

Hosted by Semiconductor Digest Magazine and

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Mr. Tom Ho, President

Mr. Gabriel Villareal

Date: Tuesday, July 21

Time: 2:00 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time


About BISTel

BISTel is the world’s leading supplier of engineering equipment systems (EES) and intelligent, A.I. smart applications that improves automation, and generates insights for continuous improvement across the entire manufacturing ecosystem. Its AI based anomaly detection, root cause analysis and predictive analytics solutions empower engineers with the tools they need to make more informed decisions. This enables yield improvement, increased engineering productivity, and substantial cost savings as well as an overall improvement in manufacturing efficiency. Through a new AI based decision support system (DSS), BISTel is pioneering collaboration between different manufacturing applications to capture, manage, and distribute knowledge from these applications to empower engineers still further, yielding new insights, and analysis to make even smarter manufacturing decisions.


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