Bitbase Exchange Leading The Third War Among Emerging Crypto Exchanges

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / Bitbase Exchange, a new crypto exchange represented by FCoin, launched a “trading-as-a-mining” trading system in 2018, thereby challenging the three established exchanges. With this, a war between the emerging crypto exchanges broke out.

In 2019, another batch of fresh troops characterized by “model play” and represented by Matcha and BIKI came into prominence. At that time, the cryptocurrency exchange world entered a new phase of competition, which was marked by “participation in the purchase of new shares with funds”. The competition became very fierce, and the second round of war between the emerging crypto exchanges started off.

In 2020, Bitcoin market crashes have become very rare, as the market undercurrent is surging, and perhaps only the exchanges can set the trend again. For example, the contract plate competition has been very fierce since the beginning of 2020, which focuses on security and compliance, and product-based innovation has become the point of strength.

“It’s been a long time since the era of attracting users with fly-heads and small profits, as those methods can’t cultivate loyalty at all. Now, the digital currency circle is more product-oriented.” cryptocurrency analyst John told the press.

Bitbase, a rising star in many of the emerging markets, is trying to jump-start the exchange industry’s third breakout war with product-oriented services and technological strength.

The Bitbase founding team consists of the core management people of Huobi and OKEX exchange. The founder members have rich experience, resources and are conversant with advanced technology. The products use distributed server cluster, distributed storage, cold wallet, private key off-line hot wallet and other advanced technology for creating digital assets global circulation to provide customers with safe, stable and credible digital assets trading services through the web terminal, mobile phone terminal, PC terminal and other terminals.

At present, the total number of registered users globally has crossed 500,000. Bitbase Exchange opened its offices in Eastern Europe, Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Southeast Asia. With a sound capital OTC access and product experience, and supported by a strong technical team, Bitbase Exchange is equipped with a sound trading security mechanism and a strong underlying structure.

“I joined into the digital currency circle in two years ago; I can say that Bitbase Exchange is the most stable one,” one investor, Li Mu (pseudonym), stated.

Bitbase’s core business involves currency transactions, contract transactions, asset wallets and OTC services, forming a complete product line, and will continue to innovate in line with user needs to provide richer and more practical product features.

At the same time, based on the distributed digital assets trading platform of community consensus autonomy, Bitbase combines the high performance of the centralized exchange and the high reliability of the decentralized public chain perfectly to have realized the one-stop choice of digital assets security storage, new project crowdfunding, digital assets issuance, and the solution of digital assets users.

According to Bitbase, the platform also attaches particular importance to security and now has achieved a breakthrough in security innovation, based on Bitbase technology and multi-layer protection, the platform keeps hundreds of billions of assets for users and has never had a technical safety accident so far. The advanced technologies, such as GSLB, distributed server cluster, distributed storage, high-speed memory trading engine with multi-computers, cold wallet, and off-line hot wallet with private key, are employed to guarantee the transaction to be stable.

In terms of asset settlement and risk control, Bitbase aims to achieve 99.999% high availability of liquidation core through financial-level micro-service architecture Spring Cloud and financial-level distributed database HDFS, and to enhance the five capabilities of liquidation core, such as fault emergency, data support, risk measurement, gray level drilling and risk identification through attack and defense drilling, thus to realize the real-time liquidation of 10 billion digital assets and ensure the user’s high-quality experience.

When the premise exchange is busy in the license, it has become the “stepping stone” for cryptocurrency exchange into the mainstream society, manifesting legitimacy and comprehensive strength of the exchange. However, its gold content varies heavily since different countries have different definition standard and review mechanism on the license.

In general, the EU MTR license is the industry’s highly recognized license, and Bitbase has been issued with the EU MTR license, a dual license of digital currency + wallet. For blockchain projects, this license service covers a wide range of areas and possesses a high degree of authority.

In summary, the above-mentioned practices and efforts are the initial reflection of Bitbase, the team has been adhering to the principle of open and common development to build a mature low-level technology platform by relying on a professional blockchain development team, to fully incubate application projects, so as to help them get implemented and gradually complete the exchange’s internal ecological construction.

As stated officially, in the future, Bitbase will continue to innovate and optimize its products and services, serve the needs of users, and provide the safest, most stable and most efficient digital financial transaction service platform for users around the world. It is believed that Bitbase will be the leader of the exchange’s third breakout war.

Bonny Zhou

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