Blockchain Pioneer VideoCoin Network Launches Significant Partnership, Marketing & Advertising Initiatives, Names Bob Gold & Associates as AOR

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–VideoCoin Network, bringing disruptive innovation through decentralization to video processing, is starting its next chapter following delivery of its commercial release after years of intense development. It is now making major investments into significant multi-pronged partnership, marketing, and advertising initiatives. This includes selecting Bob Gold & Associates as its public relations agency of record.

“VideoCoin Network is now engaging enterprise-grade companies with its pioneering utilization of unused compute resources for business purposes, and in doing so is serving as a major industry ambassador to validate the blockchain-orchestrated model of decentralization,” said Bob Gold, President & CEO, Bob Gold & Associates. “We are thrilled to help VideoCoin Network on two fronts: first, to engage with large and established media and technology companies on proof-of-concept initiatives to develop confidence in the solution and its model. And second, to support marketing and advertising via traditional PR and as one of the first companies in their category to utilize Google AdWords to unearth video service developers and smaller customers who can develop into larger customers.”

“In surveying the landscape for innovation in video platform services, we determined that the VideoCoin Network was employing a revolutionary approach to this massive market with a solution that’s ready to go to market. In fact, it’s the only blockchain business we could find that is using AdWords, which confirmed to us that unlike most projects, VideoCoin Network is serious about engaging real customers and building a real company. This made our wanting to secure the account an easy decision,” Gold added.

Led by famed entrepreneur Halsey Minor, the VideoCoin Network is next-generation innovative infrastructure for the encoding, storage, and distribution of video that powers video services for end users globally. The business competes with centralized providers like AWS but takes advantage of the immense, efficient, and inexpensive power of unused computing capacity available around the world. With Bob Gold & Associates as its PR agency of record to support its partnership, marketing, and advertising efforts, the VideoCoin Network is poised to dramatically expand its visibility and industry engagement.

“It takes time for big companies already doing things one way to risk a new vendor doing things another way even if the new way is better. When we started virtually no companies were willing to risk uploading customer data into a website. We needed to prove we were reliable, innovative and cheaper. It was very hard work, but today is a $175 billion company. Today is just the same. I now know the better model always succeeds,” said Halsey Minor, CEO of Live Planet, implementation partner for the VideoCoin Network. “Bob Gold and his team are highly experienced and well known in the video tech industry, and we are counting on them to help tell a great story about the VideoCoin Network and its technology.”

The VideoCoin Network launched commercially in May 2020, following a series of new product features and enhancements. This includes the recent launch of VideoCoin Network’s “Innovators Program” and participation by iNDEMAND, which distributes premium VOD & PPV entertainment to more than 150 North American TV operators and 55 million homes.

About Bob Gold & Associates

Founded in 1997 by Cable TV Pioneer and Public Relations Society of America (PRSA LA) 2019 Communications Professional of the Year, Bob Gold has created an agency that specializes in the space where technology meets entertainment and enterprise utility. Since its founding, the company has launched or grown more than 18 TV sports networks, numerous streaming services, and nearly every major cable TV operator and association in the United States. A co-founder of a leading international association of independently owned hi-tech PR agencies, WIN PR Group, BG&A can provide its clients with immediate international resources for a one-time project or on-going campaign with consistent pricing and centralized PR management. The company provides guaranteed predicted results and outcomes in its contracts. A unique offering for any agency. For more information, please visit

About VideoCoin Network

The VideoCoin Network is decentralized video infrastructure which provides developers with video processing services that are simple-to-use and inexpensive compared to centralized providers. Developed by the VideoCoin Development Association Ltd. and implemented by services provider Live Planet, Inc., the VideoCoin Network runs on a new blockchain and is enabled by a native protocol token, the VideoCoin (VID). Powered by a large-scale, distributed video infrastructure, the VideoCoin Network marshals underutilized computing resources from around the world to revolutionize enterprise-grade video services with blockchain technology. For more information, visit VideoCoin.Network.


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