Business Services Leverage Newswire’s Value Pack Guided Tour to Build Brand Reputation

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / ​​​Newswire’s Value Pack Guided Tour (VP GT) presents a key opportunity for business services companies looking to boost their clients’ brand awareness online. The VP GT provides SEO services, PR agencies, managerial firms, and other business services companies with the ability to enhance market presence, search rankings and brand reputation by converting owned media into earned media opportunities.

The VP GT is a cost-effective, flat-fee communications solution for any business services firm that is overseeing the brand management of its clients. The program delivers press releases to thousands of trusted media outlets, offers regional and international distribution filters, and allows users to create customerized campaigns with ease thanks to Newswire’s simple user interface. Through consistent distribution campaigns, business services firms can enhance the search rankings, engagement, and credibility of their clients.

“As the country reopens, companies must think carefully about their marketing channels and how they will continue to serve their customers,” said Anthony Santiago, Newswire’s VP of Marketing. “When a brand is searched online, users are going to evaluate a company’s credibility based on the search results that are displayed. The VP GT is an effective program as it ensures that your most important and relevant content appears during these kinds of searches.”

The transparent, flat-fee pricing structure of the VP GT provides businesses the ability to generate greater return on overall media spend through unlimited words, multiple images, and links with one low cost. Unlike other platforms, Newswire’s VP GT provides tremendous savings when compared to the other platforms in the space, thus allowing agencies to deliver high-quality distribution without the heavy limitation of the client’s budget.

“If your business is responsible for the brand reputation or management of another firm, the importance of finding cost-effective ways to build credibility and consumer trust is invaluable. The VP GT shines in this regard, as business services companies can achieve major savings with the program,” said Charlie Terenzio, Newswire’s VP of Earned Media Advantage Business.

Newswire’s Value Pack Guided Tour is helping business services companies as they look to create media engagement opportunities and increase brand awareness for their clients during these unprecedented times. Getting ahead of hectic news cycles has become a priority for managerial firms and brand managers, and the VP GT is a strategic tool that can give business services firms the ability to establish their clients as authority figures in their respective industries.

With the VP GT, customers can choose between five different distribution networks including Digital, Digital Plus, State, National, Global or Financial, which include distribution to Google News, Yahoo News and AP. With the opportunity to target industry outlets with relevant content and major announcements, event managers and production experts can continuously keep their target audiences well-informed. Companies can leverage consistent and comprehensive media, marketing, and communications campaigns to improve search results and customer perception over time.

To learn how Newswire’s Value Pack Guided Tour can boost your company’s brand or your client’s campaign, visit the program’s page for more information.

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