Doctor Evidence to Deploy Its AI-Enabled SaaS DOC Search™ and DOC Analytics™ Platform for COVID-19 to Accelerate Drug Discovery

SANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Doctor Evidence (“DRE”) has developed new tools for automated network meta-analysis, to now be used in the hunt for the most effective treatments for COVID-19. Clinical trial data is continuously emerging that can now be aggregated in real time using DRE’s DOC Analytics™ platform.

Based on the World Health Organization’s International Clinical Trials Registry Platform (WHO ICTRP), as of July 12th there are some 1,798 COVID-19 treatment trials ongoing globally. Preliminary results and data from high-profile trials are now available, including for Remdesivir, Dexamethasone, and Hydroxychloroquine. DRE is using its first-in-industry DOC Analytics™ platform to generate real-time network meta-analysis for researchers to produce quantitative analysis for any therapeutic question in the global landscape. This approach will inform decision makers with regard to real-time updates from clinical trials for quantitative comparison, analysis, and reporting on relevant outcomes.

This novel quantitative analytic approach leverages DRE’s open DOC Search™ platform for COVID-19, which makes available annotated set of literature from CORD19, the open research dataset made available by the Allen Institute et al. in response to the White House Task Force call to action in late March. DOC Search™ provides the foundation of medical conceptual organization to identify which key concepts are being reported across literature and trials. This platform continues to be available to research groups at

We are breaking new ground in AI-assisted technology at a critical time for healthcare,” says Bob Battista, MBA, FRCPH, FRCP Edin., Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of DRE. “Our industry-first automated network meta-analysis technology and AI-enabled search engine are being utilized for rapid assessment of drug candidates for COVID-19. DOC Search™ and Analytics™ are being used as a foundational tool by top 10 industry ranked global pharmaceutical/life science companies that are DRE clients.”

About DRE:

DRE is a market leading Software-as-a-Service (“SaaS”) company in the AI-enabled health technology marketplace that deploys state-of-the-art solutions to identify, synthesize, and analyze complex clinical data into actionable knowledge. DRE provides instant, continuous search and data synthesis intelligence across critical functions of Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Life Sciences and Medical Technology companies to optimize their strategies that enable them to generate actionable data insights. DRE’s technology platform provides its customers with the DOC Analytics™ Insights Engine which empowers them to make better decisions from lab to patient.


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