Emerging Artist EL3CTRXX Aims to Bring People Together With His Music

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 11, 2020 / Music, like other forms of art, is an avenue for self-expression. It is not uncommon for artists to utilize it as a tool to share stories and even voice out opinions. Today, in our overly-saturated music industry, an emerging talent shines, and he has a simple vision: to bring people together with his music.

EL3CTRXX began his humble journey DJ-ing for parties and events around campus when he was in college. He was influenced by several artists, which inspired him to launch his musical career. Paul Oakenfold, Armin Van Buuren, Daft Punk, Tiesto, Diplo, Paul Van Dyke, and Ferry Corsten are among these influences. When he started out, EL3CTRXX was mainly interested in hip-hop based influences, but after a while, he eventually drifted more into dance music.

The up and coming artist has released numerous mixes, which crosses all genres while keeping an electronic dance base to each of them. EL3CTRXX grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, although he is originally from Kokomo, Indiana. He now resides in Southern Florida.

The artist became immersed with the (Electronic Dance Music) EDM culture and dance music upon being exposed to these genres in various shows around Hollywood and Los Angeles. It was then that EL3CTRXX became eager to enter the music industry.

Today, he is a seasoned producer and an emerging artist in his generation. EL3CTRXX creates music with a positive message in the hopes of bringing people together. He believes that music can work as a healing tool that could bridge gaps and bring people together in a world that is so divided.

“I think what makes me unique specifically as an artist is my goal to tell my story through my music in parts and pieces through every song,” he shares. Every person’s journey in life is unique, and by telling his story through his music, he believes that he can share unique experiences. Additionally, EL3CTRXX hopes that stories portrayed in his music can also be shared collectively by an audience-in a way that makes it relatable for them. He continues, “ultimately, my goal is that the audience can feel that emotion and connect to it some way that results in positive energy or a positive experience.” The artist is determined to reach more people with his material. His music tells a story of love and hope, and it is one that is meant to be shared.

EL3CTRXX has been growing his following in various social media platforms. He uses these platforms as a tool to connect with his growing fan base and continue to share inspiring messages. A few months ago, he wrote on his Facebook page: “Life is too short to be side-tracked by things everyone else wants you to do.” He wishes to impart the value of seizing the moment and not giving up on your dreams.

The Indianapolis native is set to launch new music on July 24, 2020. He looks forward to making more music in the dance realm genre but is also interested in venturing into other genres in the future as well.

Connect with the up and coming artist through his website and Facebook page. You can also send an email to info@electrxx.com, or call (813) 699-9356.

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