Face Masks for Coronavirus No Match for pdActive Facial Recognition Technology

Using Advanced Artificial Intelligence to Unmask the Masked

LONGMONT, Colo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#coronavirus–pdActive, a leading technology company that has developed advanced artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for the retail space, announced today the launch of ActiveMatch. ActiveMatch is a new technology solution that provides facial recognition capabilities in existing camera systems for even the most demanding environments, such as masked faces in public spaces during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis.

ActiveMatch uses technology developed by pdActive engineering teams that have worked with the Department of Defense to provide facial recognition in some of the most demanding and hostile environments around the world. Through deep learning, big data AI and other extremely advanced technologies, the pdActive platform provides extremely accurate facial recognition, behavior analysis and other highly specialized insights for a wide variety of use cases.

“Our AI team has been together for years, originating back to Carnegie Mellon when they worked with the DoD to provide advanced facial recognition technology solutions in very harsh, dynamic environments that had people with their faces partially covered,” said Don Knasel, Founder and CEO. “pdActive’s retail theft reduction technology has been used by Fortune 500 companies for years. Now we are providing a new solution to address the unanticipated challenges related to the coronavirus that range from contact tracing, optical temperature detection and the need to know who a person is while wearing a mask. Organizations need highly accurate facial recognition to know who is on site, what they are doing and their body temperature before they enter a location. We must get this solution right to solve today’s most difficult challenges, while balancing our responsibility between public safety, privacy and the overall health of our community.”

ActiveMatch will be available starting July 14th, 2020. For more information, visit pdActive.com.

About pdActive:

pdActive is a leading provider of AI Identity solutions for enterprise, retail and government customers. The pdActive platform transforms a camera into a business intelligence machine that delivers ROI at a shareholder value scale. pdActive powers customer solutions including asset protection, staff optimization, marketing analytics, large-scale customer identity, and compliance.


Chris Volgenau

pdActive, Inc.



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