FGL Productions, Europe’s Leading Music Production House: A Journey That Has Lasted 40 Years & Promises To Offer A Lot More

PARIS, FRANCE / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / FGL Productions, one of the leading music production houses in Europe has just stepped into its 40th year of operations. It initially started with re-issuing major works of musicians from across the world, but soon became an active production house for all types of music.

As of today, FGL Productions houses a repertoire of more than twenty thousand master tracks including worldwide hits. The fact that FGL has completed four decades in this industry is itself a testimony to its reputation and credibility. A lot of the company’s success as a major music production house can be attributed to its founder, Thierry Wolf.

The Brains Behind FGL Productions

Thierry Wolf founded FGL Productions (Paris, France) back in 1981. However, before this venture, Wolf was well-known as the youngest French producer and radio DJ in the 80s. He also published several magazines and books (notably at the prestigious Les Belles Lettres editions) during those days.

Wolf came into prominence with a parody concept band that sold more than a million albums. That is where the root of FGL Productions lies. Today, it is a flourishing company with more than 40 music labels.

Over the last 40 years, FGL Productions, under the leadership of Thierry Wolf has produced albums for a varied range of artists and bands – Petula Clark, the British diva, video and live records for Iggy Pop, Russians artists like the Bolshoi Theater and especially the famous ensemble The Red Army Choir. Interestingly, many Russian artists have gone on to win prestigious awards internationally, under FGL Productions. Thierry Wolf has also been in charge of managing French film music composer, Francis Lai’s catalogue (Love Story Academy Award-winning composer), for almost three decades.

“When I look at the wall of records, videos, and shows that we have been able to produce, I do not understand how it is possible because I feel like I started yesterday. But this is the result of a collective effort. We don’t do anything alone. I am particularly well surrounded by Nathalie Lallement who has always worked with me and Florestan who joined my team of managers ten years ago! We are a small family and nothing can stop our hellish trio of managers. We can move mountains to carry out the projects of our artists.” – Thierry Wolf, Chairman, FGL Productions.

FGL Productions – The Jack & Master of All Trades

Apart from collaborating with musicians, FGL also has a synchronization department, named MusicStrategy. It creates musical skins for commercial products. MusicStrategy has produced music for famous advertising campaigns like that of So Lolita perfumes, Bentley, Google Home Hub USA & Australia, etc. All in all FGL Productions have turned out to be a pioneer in the world of commercial music synchronization.

FGL’s fascinating story under Thierry Wolf does not end there. The company has an in-house publishing department, which now is a part of SACEM for more than 30 years. The department has published for many French authors and composers, thus providing them with international exposure, through its network of international publishing partners. More recently, FGL has developed a video production department to roll out artist videograms, documentaries and even cinema films.

A Legacy In the Making

It is fair to say that FGL Productions has emerged as one of the pioneering names in the world of music production. However, it still continues to expand its offerings. In its latest development, FGL Productions has obtained legal licenses to organize live shows and international tours of artists (both production and management). The company has already produced international tours and shows like Mazowsze (Choir, Ballet and National Orchestra of Poland), Jango Edwards (the most famous American clown in Europe), Red Army Choir Ensembles, Parisian cabaret, Le Crazy Horse Paris, etc.

To wrap it up, FGL Productions has earned its position as the one-stop platform for the production of feature films, TV & advertising films, cinema, and more. The company will mark its 40th anniversary in October 2021.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/fglmusic

Company Name: FGL Productions
Name: Thierry Wolf
Email: info@fglmusic.com
Website: https://fglproductions.com/
Telephone: 33 1 47 07 02 02

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