Finding One’s Purpose in Life: A Journey with Jay Vinson

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2020 / For every pain, there is a greater purpose. This is what pastor and life transformation coach Jay Vinson believes in. As a faith-based leader, he is no stranger to people who find themselves lost in life and seeking their life’s purpose. This existential crisis has become even more rampant with the onset of the pandemic that has affected the entire world in an unprecedented manner.

Jay resides in Atlanta, Georgia, as a faith-based leader, entrepreneur, educator, and life coach. He is also a public speaker for many faith-based engagements and the author for a newly released book entitled Pain to Purpose.

He is the founder and CEO of JJV Enterprises, as well as Jay Vinson Ministries Inc. His life in the ministry started when he was only 15 years old. Since then, he pursued being a faith-based leader. Soon after obtaining his master’s degree from the University of West Georgia, he established his ministry and his business enterprise. Today, he juggles his tasks as an entrepreneur and a well-regarded life coach and pastor in the community.

Jay seeks to encourage and empower individuals through a holistic approach. His target is the empowerment of not just the mind and body but also the spirit of the person. He is also dedicated to equipping individuals with the right skillset and tools necessary to live a happier and healthier life.

As a life transformation coach, this passionate, faith-based educator handles health and wellness coaching, spiritual coaching, and one-on-one coaching. His life coaching style is tightly knitted with the entries in his newly released book Pain to Purpose. The primary focus is on not giving up on life amid painful experiences. For Jay, the pain that a person experiences serves as a pathway leading to a greater purpose, which they will eventually discover sooner or later.

In his journey as a rising entrepreneur, he has also crossed paths with many individuals who were determined to reach success-whether in business, career, or any other aspect in their lives-but did not possess the necessary motivation for this endeavor. With that in mind, Jay is committed to guiding these people in finding motivation and purpose and, ultimately, helping them discover a better version of themselves.

To pursue his goal of expanding his reach globally, he has been doing a lot of mission work with Feed the Hunger and has been traveling to different places as a public speaker to empower youth and adults. Jay uses his real-life experiences to relate to his readers and the people who engage his coaching services. The fact that he himself has experienced and survived genuine struggles in life puts him on the same ground as the people he intends to help.

With the pandemic at hand, he is determined to impart more lessons for people who are experiencing pain and loss of purpose in their lives. For those looking for inspiration and motivation, life transformation coach Jay is ready to help.

To know more information about Jay Vinson, connect with him through Facebook or his official website. And follow his professional life-coach service page here. Feel free to contact him at +1 678-310-6381 or email him at

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