Genial Technology Launches GenialAI OCR to Help Accelerate Digital Transformation

SAN JOSE, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Genial Technology, Inc. is excited to announce the launch of GenialAI™ OCR, a SaaS product that will reduce document processing costs while maintaining accuracy and security. The official launch date for GenialAI™ OCR is July 9, 2020.

As the demand for digital transformation rapidly grows because of COVID-19, OCR (optical character recognition) services take on importance to digitize paper-based transactions. GenialAI™ OCR automatically extracts and visualizes data from scanned document, such as invoices, shipping documents, receipts and contracts. To help customers utilize the extracted data in other platforms, GenialAI™ OCR converts the data to spreadsheet format.

Genial Technology believes that the primary use cases for GenialAI™ OCR are accounting, finance, procurement, supply chain and medication history management in retail, manufacturing, logistics and healthcare industries. It reads documents in 10 different languages at the release date and is going to support more.

GenialAI™ OCR is priced at $0.5 per page. The first 100 pages are free to ease customer’s evaluation and provided with the same quality as paid services.

It simply replaces the existing workflow as there is no need to download and install software, and it only takes 5 minutes to get ready. With the user-friendly dashboard, a customer can quickly and easily set up OCR configurations on a browser.

To provide the online OCR service under robust security, Genial Technology achieved ISO 27001 certification, the international standard of best practices for information security management systems. GenialAI™ OCR is delivered on secured data access and data storage with military-grade encryption, while customers can remove the data any time.

GenialAI™ OCR is developed based on GenialAI™ Audit, the audit industry’s first service to automate evidence gathering activities.

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About Genial Technology

Genial Technology is a company to offer software that automates audit procedures, including accounting data reconciliations and audit document exchanges between an auditor and a client, by utilizing cloud computing and artificial intelligence technologies.

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