Green Rock Consulting, a Recruitment Firm in London, is Helping Thousands of Candidates Build Work Experience from Anywhere in the World

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2020 / Many candidates who are graduating with impressive degrees are finding themselves either unemployed after graduation or are working a job that is unconnected to their academic background. The reason behind this is that many of them do not have sufficient work experience and skills, which is working against them in today’s competitive employment market.

A growing number of employers today look for practical work experience instead of a university degree when hiring new graduates. In a recent survey conducted by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), which was participated by 1,000 employers, 49 percent of respondents noted they would prefer seeing experience gained through a relevant apprenticeship or previous position on a candidate’s CV as opposed to the 24 percent who went for a degree qualification.

Of those who put premium on candidates with work experience, 71 percent said they consider it as a big factor because it is an indication that they were able to apply their skills in a real work setting. 61 percent, on the other hand, said it displays candidates’ understanding of the working world.

With this growing demand among employers, Green Rock Consulting is serving a unique way for candidates to bridge the gap in their work experience and skills so they can forward stronger applications and become more competitive.

The firm provides support and guaranteed mentorship and work experience placements to candidates in companies operating in the financial and business sector. Once placed, candidates receive mentoring from a professional and are given a range of tasks that reflect the work they can expect in the sector they want to be a part of, improve their ability to make decisions, and gain insights into workplace behaviours and norms.

To make the scheme even more attractive, Green Rock Consulting made sure that everything takes place online. Through this arrangement, candidates can work at their own time and pace and be able to keep their existing jobs or commitments.

Green Rock Consulting’s co-founder and professional development specialist Alison Louis said, “Candidates with work experience and the right skills set have the upper hand in today’s employment market. The problem is that many new graduates do not have them because they are finding it difficult to secure placements not just because of growing competition, but also because of some personal barriers.”

“One of this is the cost associated with doing internships or apprenticeships, which is one of the most recommended ways to build work experience and skills. For many new graduates, engaging in these undertakings will put a strain on their wallets because they cannot afford to travel daily or rent out a space for just a couple of months. So rather than spending their time and energy on unpaid internships or apprenticeships, they would settle with whatever full-time job that comes their way.”

“I’m not saying that is a bad thing because even if a job is not related to your degree, it will still provide you transferable skills. What I am seeing as a problem is that this eventually becomes their reality instead of being in the sector where they should be really in. “Green Rock Consulting is trying to break down those barriers. So, the company itself and its scheme have been created out of a need to give candidates a better option for bridging the gap in their work experience and skills. We have positioned ourselves to be an excellent alternative to traditional internships or apprenticeships, particularly in the finance and business sector.”

“Our mission has always been to guide and support graduates in achieving their goals. To deliver on that mission, our company focuses on providing a way for candidates to gain relevant work experience and skills without the associated challenges of traditional internships or apprenticeships. As a result, gaps in both their work experience and skills can be greatly reduced and they can hit the ground running and contribute to the growth of a company once they get hired.”

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