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ATLANTA, GA / ACCESSWIRE / July 2, 2020 / Findit, Inc. (OTC PINK:FDIT) owner of Findit.com, a full service social networking platform which provides online marketing tools to individuals and business, lets businesses and business owners claim their business name(s) on Findit to help improve tangible search results in search engines and control the content they want seen and shared online.

Findit is a full service social networking content management platform that any business can join and claim their name on Findit. Your business name on Findit could be your actual business name, such as findit.com/americancraftsmanrenovations or it could be the keyword or phrase that you wish to be found under, such as findit.com/savannahstructuralrepairs or findit.com/metal-roofing-fabrication-services-charleston. Whatever you want your name to be, once you claim it, no one else can have your name or your keyword phrase.

Clark St. Amant of Findit stated, “The exclusivity component of Findit’s claim your name feature is key for business owners. There are plenty of businesses with overlapping names and overlapping services. Because Findit only allows each name to exist once on the platform, once a business has secured its name and its services, another business can’t reserve that same name or service.”

Claiming your name on Findit is important because it allows you to control exactly what you want your business to be known for and found under in search and throughout social media. Findit.com is an open source platform which enables search engines to crawl and index all content on Findit. This makes it incredibly easy to help control what is found about your business in search engines because you control the content that you post within your Findit Account. Moreover, the photos you post on Findit and the status updates you write on Findit can then be shared socially to other social sites, helping you tap into different networks to reach different audiences and further tell the story about your business and the products or services you offer.

Here are several businesses that have claimed their name(s) on Findit.

Titan Roofing of Charleston South Carolina

Titan Roofing of Charleston SC provides professional metal and shingle roofing services as well as metal roofing fabrication services across the Greater Charleston Area. They claimed the following Findit Names on Findit with the Claim Your Name Tool.




Titan Roofing claimed an additional 11 names on Findit to target the roofing services they provide in the areas that they service.

American Craftsman Renovations of Savannah GA

American Craftsman Renovations of Savannah GA is a professional general contractor in Savannah GA that offers a wide range of residential remodeling, renovation, restoration and repair services as well as home improvements to homeowners and business owners across Savannah. They claimed the following Findit names on Findit.




American Craftsman Renovations claimed an additional 30 names on Findit to target the residential home improvement and general contractor services they provide in the areas that they service.

Hip Hop Bling – Online Jewelry Retailer

Hip Hop Bling is an online bling bling jewelry retailer who operates its warehouse in Columbia Maryland sells an extensive collection of hip hop jewelry including chains, watches, bracelets, earrings, rings and more. They claimed the following names on Findit.




Hip Hop Bling claimed an additional 3 Findit names on Findit to target the different styles of jewelry that they sell online.

Claiming your name on Findit is offered at an extremely competitive price point of $9.95 per name, per year. Businesses can claim just one name or they can claim multiple names – Findit does not limit the number of customized keyword URL extensions a business can own. This is an important distinction for business owners, who may only have one web address, but offer a variety of services in specific geographic locations.

For example, like Titan Roofing mentioned above, your business might offer roofing services in multiple towns and could then reserve findit.com/residential-roofer-city for each of the towns that you provide roofing services in. The same is true for any service provider or industry professional that offers products of services in more than one location.

While claiming your name on Findit is similar to having an Instagram account with a personalized username or a Twitter Account with a specific handle, your Findit name actually helps control what search engines display about you. Findit is an open source platform that does not limit access to people or search engines – all content is crawlable. Your Findit name that you claim is part of your digital identity on Findit and helps control how and what is seen about you on search engines.

Visit Findit today to claim your name online, call 404-443-3224 for assistance.

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