Heralding the Dow Jones of Crypto World – The Crypto Price Index Token Platform

ST. JULIANS, MALTA / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2020 / The CPI DEV TEAM along with the full support of royal family of U.A.E, are launching what we feel is the most revolutionary crypto platform to date. The CPI Platform will be a more balanced robust system for many financial aspects, the Crypto Price Index coin. The CPI base, an ERC20 token is currently in private sale and is scheduled for more listings on a large scale. To power the very first token ecosystem of its kind, the Crypto Price Index in partnership with HotBit exchange is in the process of releasing the CPI tokens to the public. The CPI Token Sale Commences on July 15, 2020 and ends July 31, 2020. The starting price is listing $5. The CPI token will be allowed to free trade subject to supply and demand. The CPI coin is built on ETH Blockchain and is an ERC20 token. If anyone wants to gain unparalleled insight and awareness of the crypto market and hone their market analyzing skills, then this sale is where they must sign up.

With involvement from Emirate’s prominent families, this project is gaining a level of global competitive edge which has not been seen earlier in the crypto industry. With the treasure trove of financial and business expertise of Emirates families and fueled with connections, the Crypto Price Index project is bound to receive global financial navigation. His Highness Sheikh Abdullah Bin Rashed Al Sharqi is an advisor to the board of CPI, and his comment on the announcement is: “Decentralized finance is one of the most important movements of our time. By providing up-to-date pricing data, Crypto Price Index has the potential to become one of the most valuable sources of information for digital asset traders and market participants.”

The cryptocurrency market is on an upswing with 2250 coins in the market and many more to come. This leaves investors with a wide range of lucrative investment choices. With CPI, the new, as well as experienced traders will get unmatched access to the evolving possibilities of the crypto landscape by providing a future path of CPI index tokens of 200 cryptocurrencies. That’s right, our plan is to launch after this initial listing our index coins like the CPI10, CPI30. CPI 100 and later as the markets allows the CPI 200 and CPI 500.

Unlike other indices of the same category which show the top 10 or maximum top 20 assets, CPIX tokens are capable of providing the token holders and crypto traders a wide range of diversified assets that encompass a broad cross-section of the cryptocurrency market and provide a more traditional investment.

Once we introduce the CPI 30, which we plan to use as a main Index, the Crypto-Dow * is coming to the crypto World. The CPI30 is capable of delivering an instant single index price by leveraging its algorithm for the top 30 crypto assets and can also predict future rates. With its signature index coins, CPI aims to smoothen out fluctuations in the cryptocurrency rates by means of blockchain. It utilizes artificial intelligence to track the ups and downs of the cryptocurrency market with super high-speed transactions. The diverse nature of CPI responds to the dramatic change in the cryptocurrency prices with just a minute’s effect.


CPI Base ERC20 : 15 July 2020

CPI Index Coins : Fall 2020

CPI Stable Coin : Fall 2020

CPI Media Channel : Spring 2021

Social & Mobile Pay App : Spring 2021

All the CPI coins operate within its ecosystem but use different values and functionality between them. Now the CPI base token launch, next CPIX index coins, then a CPI1 which will be a stable coin.

CEO of CPI Limited, Herbert Law feels strongly about CPI’s ability to bring about stability and prosperity and says “Cryptocurrency has the potential to expand opportunities for wealth generation to those who have previously been disenfranchised from the legacy financial system. However, unstable prices reduce the value of cryptocurrency as a store of value. CPI will bring much-needed stability to crypto markets with its suite of tokens whose value is based on the average of top-trading tokens.”

The Crypto Price index 30 will be similar to Dow Jones industrial average in the stock market. The Dow Jones industrial average was published by 2 financial reporters Charles Dow and Edward Jones on May 26th, 1896. Back then it followed the top 12 companies in each sector of the US stock market and now it is made up of 30 companies. CPI 30 is similar to the Dow Jones industrial average but it will give a single glance at the crypto market and the CPI 500 is similar to the S&P 500.

CPI coin will soon become the main reference for all crypto market conditions and fill the current void. It has a strong infrastructure that has been built and deployed on Ethereum Blockchain (a tried and tested platform).

In the pipeline:

CPI plans to make payment system universal and compatible with other major social apps. To aid this, a CPI mobile app is being designed which is a full payment system as well as a social media app. The CPI platform will be a much more stable platform than traditional ones. It would be used to support the CPI payment system which will be in a contract with the government of different countries to better control their tax stream. The mobile app is a single payment system that can be used all around the world. In places where VISA or MasterCard are not available, the CPI platform can assist in making an acceptable and convenient payment system. The CPI platform would also give incentive to CPI base holders to not sell since they will receive benefits from CPI future mobile pay system automatically into their wallet creating stability.

The CPI team is very positive about the bright future of the cryptocurrency market and predicts that within 4 to 5 years the market would be worth up in the trillions. The growth of the crypto market fuels the growth of businesses that support the adoption of cryptocurrency. This will make the crypto asset available to a huge range of people by means of exchanges and other avenues. This mass adoption would also bring about complexity in choosing and purchasing the best crypto assets.

(Disclaimer: * indicates a reference to the DJIA which CPI is not associated with)

Media Contact:

Contact: Herbert Law
Telephone: +1-503-740-7264
Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/herbert-law-4041a448/
Company E-mail: herbert@cpiindex.io
Website: https://www.cpiindex.io/


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