How a College Student is Spurring Online Discussions With Favorite Stars and Athletes

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2020 / No matter the generation, it is undeniable that many become fans of sports. The dynamic interactions among athletes seem to captivate fans by the millions. On this note, several programs on the television, radio, newspapers, or any media outlet dedicate a space to discuss any developments within the sports industry. Lately, the medium of discourse is shifting to cyberspace. This movement is what prompted Kevin Larney to create Wildchat Sports.

Wildchat Sports is an online platform that raises discourse about the latest news in sports. Formerly a campus radio segment, Larney developed Wildchat Sports as an answer to the new generation flocking online. Larney said, “I called it Wildchat Sports, where initially my goal was to help fans like me engage in sports issues.”

To date, Larney has interviewed over 50 athletes and celebrities to share their take about specific issues. As a natural lover of sports, he makes sure that the conversation is engaging and understandable to all his listeners. Through his newfound career, not only did Larney learn new things, but he also expanded his network. “I’ve been lucky enough to not only hear untold stories from people’s favorite stars but also become friends with them and talk to them on a daily basis,” he added.

Looking back, Larney reminisces about the hard work before getting to the place where he is now. When he was 15, he had to divide his time between working and going to school. Larney would, later on, accept a total of 8 jobs to support his education and his needs. He worked as an ice cream man, seafood clerk, tennis instructor, broadcaster, financial assistant, etc. Yet for Larney, even with the myriad of jobs he took on, he wanted to find a different niche-toward something he loved. “Since then, my goal by the end of college was to start working for something I feel passionate about. Which is what I luckily ended up finding with Wildchat Sports. Whenever I found free time I sent DM’s, emails etc… I’ve probably sent over 1500 emails and created close to 3k pieces of content on all platforms, it’s all fun.”

Before his big break, Larney assumed the voice for a segment in their campus radio. The University of New Hampshire elected Larney as sports director of WUNH 91.3FM show “Wildchats”. At the time, he took on the task but felt that something needed to be done as their radio segment did not have a known presence on their campus. So he decided to innovate the way the program aired.

Now online for months, Wildchat Sports garnered support from various celebrities like singer-songwriter Cee Lo Green, model and actress Camille Kostek, Dwight Howard from Los Angeles Lakers, and many more. Through the program, Larney conversed with key icons in the sports and entertainment industries such as Jon Taffer, Grayson “Professor” Boucher, Zach King, Coach Bolton from High School Musical, Hue Jackson, Jim McMahon, and a whole other roster.

To this, Larney said, “I started Wildchat Sports initially as an account strictly posting our radio segments/conversations. Never would I believe I’d have the opportunity to talk to a variety of stars and hear their stories, I’m extremely grateful. The amount of support I’ve received whether it was the rest of the WUNH community, friends, family, and even people that volunteered their time to the platform has been incredible and I don’t take that for granted. I still have a long way to go but I’m having a blast throughout this process.”

In due course, the upcoming senior student of UNH intends Wildchat Sports to become one of the top e-commerce/ podcasting companies in the industry where people will always remember where the name originated from. “I’ve gotten feedback from students and other influencers telling me that what I am doing is motivating them as well. The support has been incredible and I want to create something that would stand out to someone’s day, and hopefully that can continue” Larney shares.

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