How This 21-Year-Old Entrepreneur Built a Successful Six-Figure Agency While in College

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / While many young, aspiring entrepreneurs feel fear and self-doubt when it comes to starting a business, Jordan Calderon went beyond and broke the belief that age is a limitation and proved that, in fact, it could be your strength. Today, Jordan is balancing his classes, business meetings, team huddles, and speaking engagements every single day. Apart from working towards a B.A. in Economics at UC Santa Barbara, he is managing his six-figure digital marketing agency, StratDev Digital Marketing.

Jordan started his entrepreneurial journey by building the college apparel e-commerce company, College Clout. He was able to scale that company towards national recognition through digital marketing efforts alone. Experiencing the difference digital marketing made in his business, he took a bet in the power of digital marketing and used his experiences scaling his first company to found StratDev Digital Marketing.

StratDev Digital Marketing offers SEO, web development and design, digital PR, paid media, and in-target performance marketing services for their clients.

In just six months of launching, Jordan saw his agency grow and scale fast into a six-figure company, all while being bootstrapped by Jordan himself. With this incredible success, he has been invited to be a mentor at SCORE Santa Barbara, became a TEDxTalk keynote speaker, and was admitted into the Young Entrepreneurship Council (YEC).

Jordan has worked hard to become the cross-functional founder that he is known for today. Through his perseverance, attention to detail, and experience in digital marketing, technology, and customer relations, he has grown into the entrepreneur that he is today. Moreover, it is his fresh, professional drive combined with a “make it happen” attitude that puts him on top.

“Many of StratDev Digital Marketing’s clients have worked with other agencies before us. These prior agency partners lacked communication with these clients, and would only reach out to them to receive their next month’s paycheck. This is where StratDev is different,” Jordan shares.

Unlike many digital marketing agencies, StratDev Digital Marketing is transparent and puts an emphasis on their communication with their clients. They always keep clients in the loop, whether that be to share campaign successes or to pivot strategy when things are not running as smoothly. Being results-driven, persistent, and never afraid of failing, Jordan and his team at StratDev were able to drive digital transformation strategies, develop and engage customer communities, identify trends and foster opportunities, and most of all, drive growth and revenues.

The team has a strong workflow that allows their average client to see a return of investment (ROI) between three to five times.

“The average time our clients stay with us is ten months, which is much higher than the industry standard. Our strategies are results-centric, and we are seen as an investment rather than an expense in the eyes of our clients,” explains Jordan.

Jordan wakes up every day more driven and motivated to succeed in his ventures. Although he’s seen success earlier than most other entrepreneurs, he remains humble and open to new opportunities around him.

Ultimately, Jordan is an inspiration to many young entrepreneurs who want to start their own business. At first, the opportunity that’s in front of you isn’t going to be the one that’s going to make you succeed. It only prepares you for something else that is beyond what you expect it to be.

To learn more about StratDev Digital Marketing, visit their website or email For updates on Jordan Calderon and his steady rise to the top, follow him on his Instagram account.

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