Jim Tucker Shares Why You Should Be Preparing For Retirement Even During A Pandemic

DURHAM, NC / ACCESSWIRE / July 2, 2020 / The current pandemic has wreaked havoc on our economy, our loved ones, and our time. In response, the federal government has added to the national debt by trying to stimulate the economy. While $1,200 checks for individuals and PPP loans for business may be a life jacket for some, the impact of this virus and economic lock-down will take a mental and financial toll on many for years to come. This is why Jim Tucker, of Durham, North Carolina’s Tucker Bria Wealth Strategies, is in high demand. He is busy using his 18-year retirement planning experience to focus clients on what they can control: their planning and their retirement goals. This is especially true for those closest to retirement, namely the roughly 10,000 people who turn 65 each day. The impact is also important for the similar numbers of workers in their late 50’s and early 60’s with equal levels of retirement anxiety.

Tucker shares, “All successful investors act continuously on their financial life; less successful investors react to market shocks and world events.” This distinction is especially important for those closest to retirement. And critical as the COVID-19 pandemic grips our lives.

Tucker Bria’s company motto is, “life alters wealth™,” and current world events have proven this wisdom. Long before the 2008/2009 market crash and before COVID-19, Jim and his business partner Patrick Bria knew that no matter how financially secure you might think you are, life happens. It is critical that people have someone they can rely on to advise you on financial preparation. “Everyone deserves to have an objective, un-emotional financial professional who they can trust to guide them through these times” shares Tucker.

Tucker continues, “The basic premise we reinforce to our clients during these world events is that your retirement goals and objectives most likely haven’t changed; or if you believe the events have impacted your retirement objectives, please clearly share with us how they have changed.”

Jim Tucker is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional and a Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist®. These are two of the premier credentials in the financial advisory field. He started his company, Tucker Bria, with his friend Pat Bria in 2013. Both Jim and Pat escaped the large Wall Street firms to focus on client needs, not corporate profitability. Together, Jim & Pat have over 38 years’ experience guiding clients through the emotional roller coaster similar to the recent volatility.

Jim and Pat have been friends for over 40 years. Their friendship developed as swimming teammates, first in their hometown of Pittsburgh, PA and then at Duke University.

Jim learned to swim at a young age. This was a requirement of his grandmother who lost a brother to drowning. Jim has taken this family tragedy and committed his time to serving as a board member for an Orange County, NC non-profit that teaches 2nd graders water safety skills.

Something that Jim learned when teaching children and adults to swim is that children get over their fears of the water quicker than adults. This is because, typically, adults are more likely to have had some form of negative experience in the water. Thus, being in the water may trigger an emotional reaction. Why is this important for a financial advisor? Because similar negative experiences around money and finances often impact client willingness to create a financial strategy – money provokes an emotional reaction in everyone, whether good or bad. Jim’s goal is to use his expertise and knowledge to help you overcome the nerves that may surround sticking to a financial plan. Maybe you were burned in the housing crash, or maybe you have medical bills that you can’t seem to overcome; the fact is, creating a plan is the first step in finding the freedom that you desire.

Jim prides himself on being a direct, straight shooter financial planner who helps his clients understand and grasp their own wealth and possibilities. There is an emotional value to money that a lot of advisors don’t understand, but Jim’s message is one of hope. You can feel secure about your future, no matter what kind of financial circumstances you have faced before. The beginning of this security is to focus on planning and goals, not the noise of TV financial personalities who get paid to scare you.

Tucker Bria’s main focus is on individuals and couples who are looking to focus on retirement. “Pat and I work with clients who want assistance in developing and meeting a retirement savings number so they can retire comfortably. We then work together so that you can stay comfortably retired.”

However, no matter how far you are from retirement, he and his team will devise strategies to address your specific needs without being directed to cross sell you a banking product by a corporate parent. As a CFP® professional it is his ethical duty to have your best interest in mind; and he makes sure your goals and plans are on track.

If you are worried about your finances at this time due to the market volatility and the unknowns of the pandemic, it is a great time to reassess your future with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional. Jim will give you the care you need to come out of this season feeling confident about retirement. No matter where you are in life, Jim Tucker wants to get to know you and show you the value of financial planning instead of market watching. These times demand it.

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SOURCE: Jim H. Tucker, CFP®, CRPS®

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