Komnas HAM Papua presents the case of victim MB’s civilian death in Asiki

Jayapura, Papua, Indonesia, Jul 10, 2020 – (ACN Newswire) – The Papuan Representative Office of the National Commission on Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia (Komnas HAM) revealed the case of a civilian death in Asiki, Boven Digoel Regency, the victim named Marius Betera, on May 16th 2020. This comes after completing a field investigation in order to meet the demand made by an NGO and the victim’s family on Wednesday.

The coordinator of Komnas HAM Papua investigation team, Frits Ramandey, in his press statement in Jayapura, said that this investigation result must be disclosed to the people, the victim’s family, and the NGO in order to find the cause of death of Marius Betera (40) last May 2020. Korindo was proven not to be involved in the death and did not violate human rights.

Frits said that the field investigation by Komnas HAM is done by visiting the location of incident in Asiki, Boven Digoel Regency and asking for information from the local residents, the Catholic church diocese, and the victim’s wife.

The findings by the Papuan Representative Office of Komnas HAM RI are based on facts, data and information gathered from a number of witnesses and several related parties including an inspection on the location of the land that had been used by the victim, Marius Betera to plant bananas inside the oil palm plantation area owned by PT. TSE POP A Camp 19.

“Regarding the position or location of the banana trees at the plantation, the Papuan Representative Office of Komnas HAM RI received three different informations,” said Frits accompanied by the Acting Head of Komnas HAM, Melchior S. Weruin, in his statement to the reporters.

Based on the information obtained from the field, the banana trees were owned by the victim, planted on land was legally owned by the palm oil company PT. TSE POP A.

As for the company’s policy, according to Frits Ramandey, the Papuan Representative Office of Komnas HAM RI did find that inside the plantation area of PT. TSE POP A Camp 19, there are banana trees planted by residents on the roadside.

Frits expected the company to be firm in prohibiting if the land is used by other people for planting. According to Frits, if such condition is not immediately fixed, it will potentially create similar conflicts in the future.

Furthermore, based on the findings by Komnas HAM in the field, the victim Marius Betera’s anger was caused by his unwillingness to let his banana trees be removed by a certain party.

Frits further explained that to protest, Marius Betera came to Police Post Camp 19 to report the removal of his banana trees but did not meet the Head of Police Post.

As a result of not being able to meet the Head of Police Post, according to Frits, the victim Marius Betera’s anger was peaked when he experienced violent acts from a police officer with initials MY.

The Papuan Representative Office of Komnas HAM RI stated that from the information gathered from the perpetrator and witnesses in the field, the violence caused by the police officer MY against the victim Marius Betera can be categorized as an excessive, arbitrary, and unprofessional act.

The involvement of this police officer, according to Frits, has violated the National Police Chief Regulation No.1 and No.8 of 2009 on the Implementation of Human Rights Principles and Standards in Discharge of Duties of the Indonesian National Police article 11 letter g which states that police officers are prohibited from carrying out punishments and physical acts which are not based on law.

Moreover, from the doctor examination result at POP A Camp 19 clinic and other parties, as evidenced by the doctor’s post-mortem result, according to Frits, the Papuan Representative Office of Komnas HAM considered that there was no medical evidence to confirm the death of victim Marius Betera was caused by violent acts by a police officer.

Komnas HAM has recommended to the Regional Police Chief of Papua that he carry out a law enforcement process against the police officer who allegedly committed violent acts toward the civilian Marius Betera at Camp 19 Asiki, Boven Digoel Regency on May 16th 2020..

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