Leading the Industry, NEW RUIPENG’s Veterinary Care Enters AI Era

SHENZHEN, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2020 / On July 18, 2020, NEW RUIPENG PET HEALTHCARE Group released a new system for veterinary service. The new system combined intelligent hospital terminals, smart diagnosis robot-Awen, an AI-assisted medical decision-making system, and a telemedicine program to provide better veterinary care to our animal friends. Many influencers witnessed this memorable moment, including pet owners, media reporters, and industry key opinion leaders.

The press release of NEW RUIPENG adopted interactive approaches to demonstrate its breakthrough in the animal care field. For example, NEW RUIPENG shared a real clinic visit of Chaikefu, a Corgi/Shiba mix, providing the first-handed experience for dog owners in the new medical care settings. Chaikefu was first checked-in at the intelligent hospital terminal developed by NEW RUIPENG. Through dog-nose scanning, the terminal can locate Chaikefu’s medical record automatically, and instantly schedule Chaikefu’s appointment with its doctor. During Chaikefu’s visit, Chaikefu and his owner further experienced new features at NEW RUIPENG. When Chaikefu was away for X-ray examination, its parent was accompanied by Awen – an intelligent medical robot that can provide real-time consultation to pet owners. When Chaikefu’s X-ray was back, its data was first analyzed by the AI-assisted medical decision-making system. The AI-based medical analysis was further reviewed by doctors on site as well as experts from distance through the telemedicine feature of NEW RUIPENG. The four key demos in this press release: intelligent hospital terminal, Awen (smart diagnostic robot), AI-assisted medical decision-making system, and animal telemedicine, will improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment while reducing the corresponding medical risks at NEW RUIPENG. These new features will become the main source of NEW RUIPENG’s core competitive advantages.

In the press release, the vice-chairman of NEW RUIPENG Group, Dr. Lang Liu gave a keynote speech. He emphasized that the new smart pet hospitals developed by NEW RUIPENG Group will lead the industry forward, set new international standards for animal care, and transform the pet medical care industry.

NEW RUIPENG’s will use its advanced technical capabilities to better improve animal welfare, bring all-rounded health protection to pets worldwide, take corporate social responsibility, and lead a new era of life-long pet medical care.

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