Learn how Adam Reich’s Mindset and Determination Led Him to Becoming a Top 1% Earner in America

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2020 / Adam Reich is an American entrepreneur who founded an amazon automation and credit repair business called True Credit Repair. Adam is constantly looking for untouched, up-and-coming, and growing industries to expand his skill sets and have multiple sources of income. He started out in the fitness industry creating a 6 figure online training business from nothing. Adam worked on many different business ventures trying to find his passion. This led him to start the True Credit Repair franchise, partnering with top heavy hitters in the game like Shawn Sharma, Kyle Klowsowski and Umesh Agarwal.

True Credit Repair has since then serviced thousands of clients repairing their credit from 500 to 800 credit scores in only a few months’ time. They stand out from the competition because nobody in their industry is using their methods or doing what they are able to accomplish with great results which is why they have become so successful in such a short period of time. Adam Reich found motivation to get started with his business from seeing the need for people to start earning a serious income from the phone when the economy is in a difficult place, which is especially helpful now.

Adam Reich is an entrepreneur himself and knows how hard it is to start a business and get the capital and loans to do so. He was inspired to get into his niche after seeing so many individuals with poor credit who couldn’t apply for business funding or even be approved for a mortgage for their family because of their past financial history. Adam wanted to provide a service to help these people, and he worked hard to learn everything about the industry to do so.

Adam Reich describes one of the biggest challenges when starting a business as taking the initial risk and leap into entrepreneurship and the unknown. It is difficult for many people to leave the comforts of their 9-5 job and W-2 for an unpredictable journey ahead. However, Adam says “There is always a reward though when hard work is put forward. I always had that can’t fail mentality.” Adam’s advice for those trying to start their own business is to never give up and always have a driving motivation to succeed. He explains “Mine have always been my twin daughters and being able to have financial stability and more time with them means the world.” He has the mentality that if you have a dream, go after it! “We are only given one life, and if you believe in it enough, you will not let anyone or anything get in the way of manifesting your dream into a reality.”

When being asked how important mindset is when starting your own business, Adam Reich replied with “Mindset is everything. I truly believe you can make any business successful as long as you believe in yourself and your vision.” Adam also views fear as an unknown and something that completely has to do with your mindset. However, being confident in what you do and staying focused on your goals will allow you to tackle any obstacles that come up along the way.

Adam and his team at True Credit Repair differentiate themselves from the competition by producing proven results over and over again. With thousands of happy clients, they have built their business primarily through referrals, which allows them to stand out from the rest. Success to Adam Reich is not about how much money he has in the bank, it is about being able to spend time with his family, create a life for them that he never had, and be financially free while doing so.

Adam is continuing to expand his business at True Credit with an entire sales office to offer their services to clients nationwide, while continuing to take amazon automation clients for serious investors. To follow along with Adams’ journey and future endeavors, click here.

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