Lefavi Wealth Management, an Investment Advisor Registered with the SEC, Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary

Founded in 1980, the Salt Lake City, UT, Wealth Management Firm has been Helping Individuals and Families with Wealth Protection and Enhancement

SALT LAKE CITY, UT / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2020 / In 1980, real estate investor Bruce Lefavi founded Lefavi Wealth Management (“LWM”) in Salt Lake City, Utah. During the ensuing 40 years, Mr. Lefavi became a nationally syndicated, international award-winning radio show host and frequently-quoted industry participant on the topics of retirement planning and financial services. And while LWM may have expanded over four decades from a small one-man office to now encompass a half dozen experienced wealth advisors managing over $300 million, the same personal focus remains.

Bruce Lefavi was a successful real estate investor when, like many in the 1970s real estate crash, he lost nearly everything – but learned the vital lesson of portfolio diversification. Although there are no guarantees of success for any investment plan, we believe diversification is mandatory for all portfolios. Today, LWM provides wealth management services using a systematic approach – one built around disciplined, long-term investments anchored in Modern Portfolio Theory, tactical asset allocation, and custom rebalancing. Its clients include business owners who don’t have the time to actively manage their personal resources; retirees seeking income and preservation of capital as well as corporate executives needing wealth management, financial planning, tax planning, and estate planning services.

“There is no substitute for discipline, adherence to a plan and above all, diversification,” said Bruce Lefavi, founder of LWM. “In today’s world, individuals may receive poor financial advice from those looking for a ‘piece of the pie.’ Our approach is not to affiliate with or manage investment products. Keeping a clear line of separation between our advisors and the investments they recommend encourages openness and transparency.” While mostly retired, Bruce is still an owner of the firm. He has built a team of advisors to carry out the objectives of the firm and grow over the next 40 years and beyond.

LWM is a Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”) with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). It is affiliated with a Broker-Dealer, which is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”)., LWM advisors assist their clients in selecting a vehicle that will best suit their financial position. The company’s Investment Committee discusses portfolio adjustments weekly, while monitoring positions to take action to ensure assets are on track to meet client goals.

Lifetime residents of Salt Lake City, Mr. Lefavi and his wife, Sheryl, are committed to giving back to the community, devoting their time to such charities as Ballet West, the Assistance League, Greyhound Rescue, and Seal Rescue in California. His father, who was career Air Force, raised him to be unabashedly patriotic and he remains so to this day. Mr. Lefavi is exceedingly supportive of the men and women who serve in our Armed Forces, and is always willing to donate his time and resources to assist them in any way.

Disclosure: Registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) does not imply a certain level of skill or training.


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