Machfu Expands Geographical Reach for Low Power Edge Computing and Device Security

Internationally-Certified Module Gives Machfu a Worldwide Reach

ROCKVILLE, Md.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#IIoTMachfu’s low power edge computing and device security solutions, which are already helping American companies leverage the industrial internet of things (IIoT), are now certified to work globally, the company announced today. An add-on module that securely attaches to the Machfu Gateway along with international roaming agreements with cellular carriers around the world, give customers an edge no matter where they operate.

“The Machfu Gateway as a stand alone or in conjunction with our Software Development Kit lets industrial enterprises solve many pressing business problems,” said M. B. Anand, Product Architect of Machfu. “Now this same capability can be implemented in any location that a company has operations because our solutions are qualified to communicate on any cellular network.”

Machfu’s new universal capability was developed in conjunction with the i-ALERT Team at ITT Gould Pumps that wants to leverage the low power edge computing and device security features of the Machfu Gateway in South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions. As companies continue to expand operations worldwide, they can rely on Machfu’s global capabilities to provide a proven solution in any country.

The Machfu is designed to address edge computing needs for critical infrastructure and industrial applications. Machfu provides secure edge to cloud connectivity for industrial controllers, SCADA systems, and other sensors in the field. Its unique low power edge intelligence capabilities, powered by a sandboxed, customizable application framework, greatly simplifies configuring, connecting, managing and processing data from sensors and controllers speaking legacy or modern protocols. Machfu increases visibility of critical infrastructure and reduces operational downtime and maintenance costs.

“We’re excited to see how customers leverage Machfu to address the IIoT needs of their global business operations,” said Naveen George, Product Manager at ITT. “Our global reach has the potential to greatly expand the reach of our solutions and give companies a competitive edge no matter where they operate.”

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