Make Way for Up-and-Coming Artist with a Cause: Eliot Ness

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / Music connects people and experiences. It has been a platform used in a variety of ways, including, but not limited to, entertainment and expression. It has the unique power to bring together people of any race or language together, and it allows these people to learn about the artist’s life, opinions, or simply their thoughts. Moreover, music, or involvement in the music industry, has been an avenue for artists to shed light on issues and advocacies they hold dear. Through this, they are able to increase awareness on various topics and even important causes which, in effect, many people could resonate with. This is precisely what rising hip-hop artist Eliot Ness hopes to achieve.

Eliot Ness is the younger brother of acclaimed female rapper Lady of the Rage. The latter is known for her works with Death Row Records artists Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg and is praised as one of the most notable female rap artists in the hip-hop industry. Inspired by his older sister who dominated the music industry, Eliot Ness put in effort and perseverance in his craft to be able to fulfill his own dreams as an artist.

Through his music, Eliot Ness shares to people his own stories of ups and downs. These personal experiences were evidently incorporated in his recently released album entitled I’m Me Pt. 1. As a self-made producer and recording artist, he aims to establish his messages across to as many people as possible and inspire them to persevere in life. His music is authentic and relatable, telling stories of adversity and how one can overcome it through courage and determination. “My music is unique. [It] speaks and touches on the reality [of the] life that I live and people I grew up around and grew up with,” the musician shares.

Originating from Houston, Texas-a city known for its chopped and screwed approach to hip-hop music-Eliot Ness skilfully blends his hometown’s stories and culture with his own experiences of struggles and triumphs in his material. His new single produced by Bruce Bang called “Mary Jane” features Luenell, Devin The Dude, Yung Redd, and Tony Mack. This track, along with his other songs like “Juggin,” “Paper Route,” “Small Time GMix,” and “Fast Lane” are now available for streaming on several music platforms. Several of his musical works have also been featured on media music giants VH1 and MTV.

Eliot Ness has not only been active in the music scene but is also a known advocate for health awareness in struggling communities. He uses his influence in music to give back to the community, through incorporating the causes he resonates with to his projects. The recording artist does not only show hard work and perseverance in his craft but also does so with community-impacting projects he works on. He currently demonstrates the spirit of the hustle as he works to raise health awareness, particularly for congenital heart disease and lupus communities.

To learn more about Eliot Ness, visit his website and connect with him through his other platforms as displayed in his Blue profile.


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