Meet the Female Founders Who Are Disrupting the Way We Do Fundraising

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / When we talk about female power, founders Lucy Guo and Rose Xi are changing the game as they disrupt the nonprofit market with an innovative and accessible approach towards crowdfunded charity. The dynamic duo built CampaignWith together in just under a week, with thousands of dollars already raised for various charities pre-launch.

The idea is simple: host a class to fundraise for a cause you care about. But that’s also where it’s unique. While every other fundraising platform today offers the same anticlimactic experience of giving a credit card and receiving a receipt, CampaignWith wanted to try something different.

Lucy and Rose believe that doing good should be fun, socially interactive, and even educational! And so do the rest of the individuals who are already hosting classes and generating thousands of dollars in donations.

As both minority Asian women, they built CampaignWith in the wake of the BlackLivesMatter protests shaking the nation. Minorities coming together to spearhead change is something we’re beginning to see in this new generation, and CampaignWith hopes to harness this youth energy and create a world where we can all easily raise money and awareness for the causes we care about.

“When I saw the protests erupting, I realized I couldn’t stand by and do nothing. Protests ignited new ideas and revealed a country desperate for a kinder, more inclusive, and compassionate world. We built CampaignWith to bring forth these new realities” says Lucy.

Not all of us can contribute donations, and not all of us can walk in the protests. But all of us can feel injustice, and besides ranting about injustice, each of us can now make a real difference. We can donate our time to create change – CampaignWith enables us to most effectively use our unique knowledge and passions to create the biggest possible social impact.

After starting a billion dollar company, Lucy wanted to dive into the nonprofit world to promote wealth equality. A graduate of Princeton University’s School of Public Policy, Rose wanted to harness the power of peer-to-peer knowledge-share to create a more educated world. Both are passionate about the role of technology in resource distribution.

“We believe that everyone has something valuable they can teach others. And we believe that everyone is a good person who cares about something bigger than themselves, whether it is social justice, the refugee crisis, climate change, food insecurity, or animal welfare,” Rose said.

Anyone can teach a class in any field they are passionate about for a cause they are passionate about. It’s a perfect virtuous cycle of passions igniting passions – with real financial impact generated along the way for organizations in need. Today, the platform has a wide variety of classes to choose from. From fitness classes taught by trainers at Barry’s Bootcamp to bartending classes taught by the queer community to tech talks supporting furthering equal opportunity. Classes are recorded so future donors can continue to be involved and knowledge can indefinitely generate wealth.

For them, CampaignWith will eventually be the platform where people can showcase the good they are doing in the world and what they care about. “If Instagram is for sharing pictures, Tik Tok is for sharing videos, then CampaignWith is for sharing what you care about and the impact you have made on the world,” Lucy explains.

Whether you are a Campaign Host who donates time to teach a class or a Patron Angel who donates money to take a class, we can all take action and make a real impact – today.

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