Meishe Network Technology’s Latest Virtual Anchor Solution

BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / With the continuous development of audio and video technology, from the news broadcast of TV stations to the marketing of e-commerce platforms, more and more virtual anchor images continue to emerge. As a live host’s avatar or partner, the virtual anchor can broadcast 24 hours a day, never make mistakes, and not limited by the studio’s space. Just log in to the wed end background. You can generate vivid virtual characters online Broadcasting ensures high-yield and efficient work.

The latest virtual anchor solution released by Meishe Network Technology has created a brand-new professional website virtual anchor editing system for users. Users only need to enter the broadcast text, and the AI virtual anchor can generate the same voice as the real person to broadcast. And in the process of Broadcasting, lips, facial expressions, etc. can also simulate live broadcasters. Meishe Network Technology also supports various virtual anchor images, including 3D simulation characters, cartoon animations, etc. With natural expressions and extravagant gestures, and can provide customers with professional image customization services. It can also offer a variety of cooperation methods such as direct production in the background, privatization deployment, and cooperative development according to customers’ different needs so that customers can build exclusive products.

What are the highlights of the virtual anchor solution of Meishe Network Technology?

1. Leading self-developed speech animation synthesis technology

The voice animation synthesis technology, independently developed by Meishe Network Technology, combines artificial intelligence with computer graphics. After the computer obtains the content information in the voice or text, it can drive and fuse the face of the avatar through the computer graphics synthesis technology, and conduct deep learning, cleaning processing, network training, and performance optimization through the massive facial data for 3D Model rendering or generating adversarial networks to achieve a very realistic expression restoration. Generate multi-timbral speech through text, combined with technologies that drive virtual images to speak, emotions, and actions. Eventually, the virtual anchor with fine lip synchronization and vivid expression is realized.

2. Everyone can become a virtual anchor

In the AI virtual anchor solution of Micro cam, in addition to the deep learning AI anchors that restore real people, there are cute cartoon AI anchors and so on. It can satisfy media workers’ video production for different application scenarios. A virtual anchor video can be produced through the webpage. Meishe Network Technology provides rich video production functions. From video titles, video transitions to anchor image, live sound, live expression, etc. can be selected as needed. Users can also quickly produce professional virtual anchor video on a zero basis.

3. Liberate workforce and significantly improve production efficiency

Virtual anchors can effectively improve the production efficiency of news videos and reduce production costs. Proficient in Chinese and English bilingual, and also has the potential to expand the language library; you can switch languages at will and achieve accurate pronunciation. The virtual anchor always keeps the best condition that an anchor should have, and can do the job at any time, and never make mistakes when broadcasting. Applied to media content production, it can reshape the news production process and liberate many workforces.

Nowadays, people are more accustomed to using fragmented Time to obtain news information through short videos. New media platforms, news clients, social networking platforms, these platforms are updating massive amounts of data every day. AI virtual anchors can be unlimited Time and space, continuous high-yield and efficient work, timely reporting to the public, covering a more comprehensive user group.

The current Matrix product matrix includes video shooting and editing SDK, smart editing solutions, smartphone solutions, face + beauty/sticker solutions, cloud editing, virtual anchors, video packaging custom design, and other services. Its full process function from shooting to editing covers all current mainstream video gameplay. It has a flexible technical architecture, uses multi-threading and GPU, CPU collaborative pre-processing mechanism, natural language processing algorithms, and other technologies. It is unanimously recognized by head manufacturers in various industries at home and abroad, and is now in cooperation with such as Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, OnePlus, The head customers of Bilibili, State Grid, TCL, Sina, Zhiyun and other fields launched in-depth technical cooperation and received unanimous praise.

In the future, Meishe Network Technology will continue to use the technical advantages of video and audio processing to provide developers with more innovative gameplay and imagination, empower more industries, apply to a broader range of scenarios, and realize cross-platform value!

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