Micro Linear Actuator Motor for Intelligent Transmission Enables Smart Life

SHENZHEN, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / July 6, 2020 / Modern science and technology have succeeded in helping people live independently and conveniently in a smart way. According to Smart Home Report 2019 conducted by Statista, revenue related to the whole Smart Home market is expected to show an annual growth rate (CAGR 2020-2024) of 16.8%, resulting in a projected market volume of US$157,287m by 2024. A global comparison reveals that most revenue is generated in the United States (US$24,972m in 2020). It is obvious that people’s awareness of people’s quality of life is continuously enhanced. In the pursuit of ideal performance for most of the smart home (https://www.zwgearbox.com/products/smart-home-drive) systems, micro linear actuator motors come into play.

Micro Linear Actuator Motor (https://www.zwgearbox.com/zt/liftdrive) Comes to Simplify the Life

ZHAOWEI transmits the instructions to the mechanical structure, so that the circular motion of the motor is converted into the linear motion of the linear actuator, achieving pushing & pulling and able to lift heavy objects. Electric linear actuator motor provided by ZHAOWEI is a linear device with lifting function that mainly consists of motor, lead screw and control system, which can realize remote control as well as centralized control. The rod of the electric actuator makes round-trip lifting movement within acertain range of distance. Customization for development is always available so that the miniature linear screw can be used in various fields that needs lifting movement, such as medical beds, standing desks and diverse equipment for industrial and agricultural automation. ZHAOWEI micro linear actuator motor makes standing systemsmore intelligent, more convenient and more diversified.

There are many sets of smart electric lifting furniture on the current market, but some problems still occur such as insufficient load bearing, limited switchable gear(lifting range), short service life, large power consumption, loud noise or even stuttering if the speed is not controlled well while lifting. By introducing the micro linear actuator motors produced by ZHAOWEI, those anxieties can be removed. Its micro linear actuator motor for lifting movement enables compact size with no external control board. Thewhole working process of this kind of micro linear actuator motor leads to its good stability, strong synchronization performance, low noise and high torque. High-precisiondesign with high torque helps to deliver high performance in applications requiring continuous duty operation. Though it is small, it still has a strong power to facilitate each project with low noise.

Smart Home Drive with Micro Linear Actuator Motor Enriches the Life

ZHAOWEI is also shaping smart life by micro linear actuator motor transmission technology, which can realize various automatic functions in the fields of smart home, smart office and smart hotel. Intelligent electric curtains and automatic clothes drying rack are two of the typical cases that contributes to smart life.

Intelligent Electric Curtains (https://www.zwgearbox.com/zt/ecurtain)

Living in the city is where the fast-paced people usually are. However, more and more people are in the pursuit of a simple and convenient lifestyle. Smart electric curtainshappen to meet such needs, which are very practical and can be installed at home andin office.

As for the general intelligent solution to electric curtains on the market, noise often appears in daily operation, which becomes one of the biggest problems. No matter at home or in office, people must attach great importance to a quiet environment. To tackle such a pain point, ZHAOWEI adopts herringbone gear design to greatly reduce the noise from the tubular planetary motor, thus improving the quality of life.

This electric curtain gear motor solution also takes pride in compact size, high torque, long service life and reliable operation due to its extremely large single-stage gear ratioand robust construction. It consists of an involute planetary gear reduction mechanism and cycloidal gear reduction mechanism. The power of the former is transmitted to thelatter. The involute planetary gear reduction mechanism includes a planetary gear and a sun gear while the planetary gear has a mandrel, which is fixedly connected to the first planet carrier. The cycloidal gear reduction mechanism includes a camshaft, whose end is fixedly connected to the first planetary carrier. A cycloidal gear is set on the cam of the camshaft and a pinwheel is provided outside the cycloidal gear. Then thecycloidal gear can be cycloid and rotated around the camshaft. There is a pin connected to the output shaft on the cycloidal gear, so that the power decelerated by the cycloidal gear reduction mechanism can be transmitted to the output shaft through the pin. The cycloidal movement makes the cycloidal gear and the pinwheel squeeze each other to get better movement coincidence, resulting in a good self-locking performance for curtain & blind protection.

Automatic Clothes Drying Rack


The intelligent electric drying rack is favored and used by more and more families because of its convenient operation, various functions, novel style and exquisite appearance. All these can benefit from an outstanding gear motor provided by ZHAOWEI, which consists of the motion system driven by the motor, intelligent control system and metal frame. The ceiling mount automatic clothes drying rack is operated to up and down by smooth control. It can be integrated with lighting, sound control, remote control, drying & sterilizing system, making each automatic clothes drying rack more powerful. The parameters including speed, current, gear ratio, etc. of gear motor for automatic clothes drying rack can be fully customized based on different needs. Thus, automatic clothes drying rack is not only a drying tool, but also becomes an ornament in the appearance, electric clothes drying rack already becomes a landscape in the balcony.

“We’ve been coming up with innovative linear movement solutions with a passion for precision and next-level purpose for intelligent control,” says the Project Manager. “We always strive to make your home & office life more comfortable and fulfill your beautiful imagination of life by such an intelligent transmission system with the micro linear actuator motor!”

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