NEC Solution Innovators Establishes “FonesLife,” a healthcare business company that contributes to extending healthy life expectancy

TOKYO, Jul 9, 2020 – (JCN Newswire) – NEC Corporation (TSE: 6701) announced today that NEC Solution Innovators, a wholly owned subsidiary, will establish FonesLife Corporation to accelerate and strengthen the healthcare business and begin collaboration with SomaLogic Ltd.

By combining SomaLogic’s analysis technology (SOMASCAN) for blood protein with NEC’s AI and analysis technology, FonesLife visualizes the present and future health conditions and risk of illness for individuals in an easy-to-understand manner. In addition, in conjunction with improvement measures suitable for each individual, such as improvements in eating habits and suggestions for exercises in accordance with the risk of illness, FonesLife will encourage voluntary behavioral transformation toward prevention of illness and health improvement by simulating and presenting the results of the implementation of these measures. Through these efforts, FonesLife aims to realize a future in which illness is minimized and a society in which everyone can live to their full potential.

In Japan, society is increasingly aging, and social security costs are rising, particularly medical costs. In order to establish a sustainable social security system and to build a society in which everyone can play an active role for a longer time, it is urgently necessary to extend the healthy life expectancy of the people and to realize a society with a long healthy life expectancy.

NEC Solution Innovators provides a wide range of healthcare-related services that utilize ICT, such as health outcome prediction, mental health, and sleep solutions, considering that a change in behavior of each individual can lead to the extension of healthy life and the realization of a healthy and affluent society where everyone can enjoy greater benefits. With the aim of realizing such a society, in addition to utilizing its ICT strength, NEC Solution Innovators is promoting the construction of an ecosystem that connects medical institutions, research institutions, and business operators. As part of this effort, FonesLife has been established and collaboration with SomaLogic has begun.

Business Overview

1. Joint research on Disease Prediction Algorithm
SomaLogic technology allows the analysis of more than 5,000 proteins from 75μl of blood components, allowing users to obtain large quantities of health-related data from small volumes of blood. In order to utilize this technology in Japan, NEC Solution Innovators and FonesLife will establish a Disease Prediction Algorithm in collaboration with research institutes.

2. Providing health status visualization/Disease risk prediction services using blood protein measurements
In October of this year, FonesLife will begin offering a service that combines the results of analysis of blood protein with established algorithms for predicting illnesses, and develop a service that predicts the risk of recurrence of cardiovascular and brain blood vessel illnesses and proposes remedial measures. The service will be offered by medical institutions and other partners.

3. Development of health support services
FonesLife will use SomaLogic’s technology and the Disease Prediction Algorithm to improve the quality of services offered by healthcare companies and organizations and to jointly develop and provide new services.

In the future, FonesLife will expand its alliances as well as expand its range of targeted illnesses, such as cardiovascular and brain vessel diseases and cognitive sickness. In addition, in order to create an ecosystem that connects businesses, medical institutions, and research institutions, the company will form partnerships with companies in industries inside and outside of healthcare, with the aim of achieving net sales of YEN100 billion in fiscal 2029.

NEC Solution Innovators will contribute to the realization of a healthy, long-lived society through the provision of services that fuse ICT and biotechnology, and the creation of ecosystems centered on FonesLife.

“Thanks to the vision of NEC Solution Innovators the people of Japan are going to be the first beneficiaries of our transformative technology on a large scale, and we could not be happier. Japan will again be an example to the world as it has many times before of how to leverage new technology to make life better – in this case maximizing health on a large scale, particularly in an aging population,” said Roy Smythe, Chief Executive Officer, SomaLogic, Inc.

About NEC Corporation

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