New York City Director Tom Phillips’ Film ‘Between Wars’ Is Nothing Short of a Master Class in Independent Filmmaking

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 9, 2020 / Independent filmmaking is a totally different beast altogether. Without the grand production and the explicit need to fill seats in the cinema, it’s filmmaking at its rawest and most artistic form. Maverick filmmaker Tom Phillips takes inspiration in the auteurs that came before him. His material has the same energy and vibe as early Martin Scorsese and Spike Lee and his tenacity and passion for storytelling is why his latest indie project Between Wars is such a riveting piece of cinema.

Between Wars is comparable to cult film classics like Mean Streets, King of New York, and The Pope of Greenwich Village. With a Cinema Verite’ style, the film boasts the perfect cast, thanks to Phillips’ natural ability to place the right people in the right roles. Between Wars stars Michael Imperioli of Sopranos fame as Sarge, a Marine-turned PTSD psychologist. Michael has been vocal in his validation of Phillips and really proud of the work he did while filming Between Wars. Imperioli’s work as Sarge is captivating and the message in his scenes are timeless. With every twist and turn and all the chaos and action that surrounds the film, Imperioli drives home the hard-hitting themes of the film in real Imperioli fashion.

The film itself is shot documentary-style, led by Emmy Award-winning Director of Photography, Alastair Christopher. The film flows incredibly well with its neo-realist inspired style of filmmaking, seamlessly blurring the lines between fiction and reality. Phillips deliberately told the story this way to give the characters more depth and realness to them. The script is phenomenal and showcases Phillips’ ability to create visceral stories in the same vein as author and screenwriter Richard Price (The Wanderers) and allows the film to unfold like Serpico director, Sidney Lumet. The style truly elevates the entire narrative, making it resonate with the audience on a deeper level. It is clear that Tom has been a student of independent cinema history.

Phillips absolutely fell in love with the cinematography in ESPN’s 30 FOR 30 Felipe Lopez Story, so he sought out who shot it and immediately reached out to “Gee Lock” who joined the crew without hesitation. With an amazing cast and crew, the film soars leaps and bounds over the fringes of Independent Cinema. It’s such a deeply told narrative that the level of filmmaking and thought put into its execution, readily shines through.

Phillips is a trailblazing indie filmmaker in a time where superhero films are the rage. As an artist, Phillips knew that he had to break the rules to tell this story effectively. He found that breaking these established rules of traditional cinema only made the story stronger and more dynamic. It was apparent to anyone who came to work on the project that what they were creating was something totally different from anything else. They were making art, and the passion for the project was crystal clear.

Phillips allowed the actors to explore their own intuitive ideas and utilize them on-screen. There was an abundance of creative freedom for everyone involved in the project, a beautiful sight that is totally lost in the current Hollywood production system. And this is where Phillips himself excels; he is a true artist that values creativity above all else. He’s so adept at telling raw and gritty working-class stories that it almost feels second nature to him at this point. With Between Wars, he deftly weaves his filmmaking talents and sheds light on pressing societal issues and exposes the deep realities of the human condition, something that is missed in today’s Holywood.

Phillips has fashioned himself into a filmmaker to watch out for, telling a story that crosses the boundaries of reality and fiction, a true cinematic experience that celebrates the very foundations of art and breaks them. It’s a piece of filmmaking for the ages, and New York City’s up-and-coming filmmaker Tom Phillips is pulling out all the stops to give audiences a film they will never forget. With the success of Between Wars, Phillips is currently in pre-production for his next project and promises the audience they will be excited for the cast and the powerful story.

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