NZZ Media Group: Audienzz acquires Zulu5 for more transparency and quality in the digital advertising market

NZZ Media Group’s spin-off Audienzz will be the new owner of technology service provider Zulu5 as of July 2020. With the acquisition of the digital advertising monitoring specialist, Audienzz is strengthening its position in digital advertising and investing in more transparency and quality in the national and international online advertising market. Founder Andreas Gysler will remain on board as CEO.

Established in 2014, Zulu5 has developed a unique technology that can be used to monitor digital advertising in real time and consequently increase transparency and quality in the digital advertising market. Digital advertising specialist Audienzz has had a stake in Zulu5 AG since 2016 and will acquire 100% of the company’s shares in July 2020. Founder Andreas Gysler will continue to act as CEO of the subsidiary following the acquisition.

Zulu5 has its origins in the monitoring of brand-critical advertising environments. Given the context of current global events and the associated problems in broadcasting ads, together with the issues of hate speech and fake news, this is an extremely relevant area. Zulu5 takes on this challenge using an audit tool that monitors the environment in which digital ads are served. Its customers are then alerted as soon as their advertising is shown in environments that are unsuitable and damaging to the brand. In recent years, Zulu5 has worked with Audienzz to continually drive technological development in monitoring digital advertising in relation to markets and competitors monitoring and to constantly expand its product range. The partnership has resulted in detailed market insights and analyses of trends and developments in the digital advertising market, which enable both advertisers and those who market advertising spaces to anticipate market developments and align their own activities accordingly.

Remo Baumeler, Audienzz CEO, says: “With this acquisition, we are further strengthening our position as a quality leader in the digital advertising sphere. We are impressed by the innovative technology that Zulu5 has developed, and in which we will continue to invest in order to be able to drive its expansion even faster in Switzerland and abroad.”

Zulu5 CEO Andreas Gysler is pleased that he will continue to head up the company that he founded, with the support of its new owner and an interdisciplinary team: “Our cooperation with Audienzz was always very constructive and led to a significant transfer of knowledge and technology on both sides. The acquisition will give fresh impetus to Zulu5 and will ensure that we will also be able to consolidate our position internationally.”

About Zulu5
As a Swiss technology service provider, Zulu5 is a developer and provider of various tools for digital advertising monitoring and quality assurance. Zulu5 was established in 2014.

About Audienzz
Audienzz is a digital advertising specialist and a leading provider of premium environments in Switzerland. Audienzz also offers its specially developed tools and services to the entire digital advertising market. The company was established in 2016.

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