Optec CEO Receives United States Patent-Pending Approval for UV-C Led Lighting Use in Cellphones and Tablets

CARLSBAD, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / OPTEC International (OTC PINK:OPTI) the company today announced Patent Pending granted status from the United States Patent office for the use of UV-C lighting technology integration for use with cellphones & tablets filed recently by the Company’s CEO as “Inventor” Patent Title: “UVC-LED Light Technology for use in Cellphones & Tablets”. Application Number 63/046,261.

OPTEC CEO commented “The application was filed by myself as Inventor on behalf of the company for integration of UV-C and Far UV-C LED technology as an application which could be integrated into cellphones and tablets, similar to the “flashlight” app commonly used in most cellphones and tablets., but to safely enable germicidal sterilization and disinfecting using mobile devices. The approval to provisional patent and patent pending status is a huge opportunity to advance the germicidal sterilization and disinfection progress using UV-C and Far UV-C LED technology using cellphones and tablets as a PPE (personal Protection Equipment) by the majority of the population worldwide”.

The Patent Pending technology is expected to evolve to full patent status which usually occurs within one year of provisional approval. In the meantime, the provisional patent is protected technology status has been assigned to the company by the company CEO listed as the Inventor. The opportunity to expand the patent coverage internationally (PCT) is also granted under the provisional patent order # US 63/046,261.

The confirmation of this provisional patent approval is expected to open discussions globally with large telecommunication carriers and manufacturers now exploring avenues to integrate ways of integrating germicidal sterilization and disinfection using UV-C light technology into PPE cellphones and Tablets. The technology designed for the integration with cellphones and tablets will comprise of the same safety features currently used in the company’s “OPTEC iWand” germicidal sterilization and disinfecting devices.

The OPTEC UV-C sterilization and disinfection products offer a safe non-toxic chemical and non-residual particle cleaning alternative using proven Ultra-Violet Type C lighting technology. This technology allows up to a 99% verified proven sterilization and disinfection process using UV-C related technologies.

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