Orbital Micro Systems’ IOD-1 GEMS Satellite Celebrates First Year in Orbit

Revolutionary LEO Earth Observation CubeSat continues to gather microwave soundings for precise weather datasets

BOULDER, CO / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / Orbital Micro Systems (OMS), a leader in advanced instrumentation for small satellite missions, recently marked the one-year anniversary of its IOD-1 GEMS earth observation satellite. The system, part of its Global Environmental Monitoring System (GEMS) constellation, was deployed from the International Space Station July 3, 2019. The satellite continues to deliver precise, unique datasets that translate into highly reliable weather intelligence for a broad range of customers.

“We are delighted that the satellite continues to gather and downlink reliable and high-definition data that can be utilized by commercial and public organizations to gain clearer insights into weather conditions and propensities across multiple geographies,” said Brian Sanders, chief operating officer for OMS. “The length of service life for satellites without propulsion systems-particularly those launched from the space station-which are typically around six months, so we are ecstatic with the performance of IOD-1 GEMS.”

The IOD-1 GEMS satellite gathers global readings, at altitudes ranging from the surface up to the troposphere, approximately two and one-half times each day. The information gathered often fills gaps between government-operated satellites. During its first year of operation, IOD-1 captured images of Super Typhoon Hagibis and numerous other weather systems over oceans and land that were not observed by other orbiting radiometers. The data transmitted from IOD-1 GEMS has been validated by numerous organizations and labs, and utilized in datasets that have already been purchased by the U.S. Air Force and other public agencies.

“It is highly unusual for a demonstration platform to deliver commercially viable data,” continued Sanders. “The fact that we have paying customers is a testament to the quality of the design as well as a strong indicator that markets are thirsty for reliable data at much higher refresh rates than previously possible.”

IOD-1 GEMS was launched through the In-Orbit Demonstration Programme managed by the U.K.’s Satellite Applications Catapult and funded by Innovate U.K. The GEMS constellation is planned to grow to some 16 satellites, providing sub-hourly revisits of the entire planet. With additional launches planned for mid-2021, OMS is planning to fulfill demand for its weather data across markets including insurance, transportation, agriculture, and governments.

About Orbital Micro Systems

Orbital Micro Systems (OMS) specializes in the development and delivery of remote sensing technologies for space, air, and land applications. With broad expertise in applied science, weather science and earth observation, instrumentation development, data science, space operations, and program delivery, OMS is positioned to deliver innovation to many markets, including aerospace, agriculture, IoT, and the public sector. For more information about OMS, please visit www.orbitalmicro.com.

About the Satellite Applications Catapult and the In-Orbit Demonstration Programme

The Satellite Applications Catapult’s In-Orbit Demonstration Programme offers technology and service providers a fast-track, low-cost opportunity to test services and technology on a CubeSat mission launched into low Earth orbit. The Programme helps service providers to accelerate to a ‘proof of concept’ stage by providing an in-orbit testbed and a range of operations and business support services to explore the commercial potential of the mission. IOD-1 GEMS was the first In-Orbit Demonstration programme mission, supported by Innovate UK funding, to be deployed from the International Space Station in July 2019. IOD-1 GEMS is in partnership with Orbital Micro Systems and will be followed by IOD-5 TARS in partnership with Kepler Communications, and IOD-3 AMBER in partnership with Horizon Technologies.

The Satellite Applications Catapult is an independent innovation and technology company, created by Innovate UK to drive economic growth through the exploitation of space. We work with businesses of all sizes to realise their potential from space infrastructure and its applications. Based in Harwell, Oxfordshire, the Catapult was established in May 2013 as one of a network of centres to accelerate the take-up of emerging technologies and drive economic impact for the UK. We are a not-for-profit research and technology organisation which is registered as a private company limited by guarantee and controlled by its Board. See sa.catapult.org.uk for more information.


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