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CHEYENNE, WY / ACCESSWIRE / July 7, 2020 / Polar Mini Portable AC has been launched as the dog days of summer are fast approaching, and homeowners all over are looking to find ways to beat the heat without having to spend a mountain of money on electricity.

Traditional air-conditioners are beloved for their ability to control the climate of indoor spaces very effectively. But they also have the nasty little habit of causing electricity bills to skyrocket – sometimes doubling a normal month’s worth of utility bills all on their own.

Combine that with the fact that traditional AC units are big, bulky, and noisy – heavy to install and a pain to leave in the windows 24/7 – and it’s not hard to see why innovators like Polar are introducing revolutionary new miniaturized solutions like the Polar Mini Portable AC.

What is the Polar Mini Portable AC?

Polar Mini Portable AC is a brand-new approach looking to solve the climate control conundrum, a new piece of air conditioning technology that has been radically shrunken down to a more compact footprint without sacrificing any of the power and performance you get out of a traditional AC unit.

Specifically designed to be a personal cooling system, the Polar Mini Portable AC is smaller than your traditional toaster, powered by a USB charging cable, and offers a level of adjustability and customization that you won’t find with typical AC systems.

Three individual fan speeds and a configurable louver system that directs airflow in any direction you wish gives you a lot of control over the unit as well, helping you to keep cool without freezing.

About as easy to use as it gets you’ll find that filling up this AC unit, running it on a regular basis, and maintaining perfect temperatures becomes nearly effortless just a short while after you fire it up or the first time.

Important Polar Mini Portable AC Facts and Specifications

The Polar Mini Portable AC unit has 3-1 cooling capabilities – Cooling, Humidified, and Purify the air in your space

Effortless to set up and use right out of the box – Just add water plug it in

Highly portable and compact – Fits on a nightstand and ways next to nothing, even when completely full

Delivers between 6 to 8 hours of cooling time – 12,000 BTUs of cooling power per hour

Takes advantage of innovative new evaporative cooling technology and nano materials

How Does the Polar Mini Portable AC Work?

Polar Mini Portable AC innovative and proprietary new evaporative cooling technology combined with space-age nanomaterials to deliver cooling, purifying, and humidified solutions you won’t find in more traditional AC units.

Traditional AC systems, for example, work to dehumidifier air – which does a great job at cooling things down, but also dries air out and can sometimes make it really uncomfortable (particularly for those with dry skin).

The Polar Mini air conditioner, on the other hand, won’t just work to cool a space down but will also work to purify the air that you are breathing (removing dust particles and allergens) while at the same time humidified spaces that need a bit of extra moisturizing.

This helps you to breathe easier, to sleep more comfortably, and avoids the skin drying out issues that plague millions each summer.

All of this is made possible thanks to the evaporative cooling technology built right into the Polar Mini air cooler. It’s this proprietary technology that also allows the Polar Mini air conditioner to stay so compact, to stay so portable, and to remain as highly efficient at cooling you down when the summer temperatures are highest.

The combination of tried and true evaporative cooling technology and modern material advances makes all the difference in this particular unit. You get something that is proven, something that is reliable, and something that is consistent in this cooling solution while at the same time leveraging very modern, cutting-edge technology that provides better and faster results than anything available before.


– Highly portable technology can be used anywhere, moved around the house as you move around

– Generation energy efficient technology does not consume access electricity

– You will not have to constantly fill up the 750 mL water reservoir of the Polar Mini Portable AC

– 6-8 hours of cooling time with every full tank of water

– 1200 BTU of cooling power for each hour of operation

– Sleek and modern design that looks great in any space

– Near silent operation that isn’t going to consume a lot of electricity


– Not a traditional air conditioning unit in the conventional sense

– Available to buy online only

Final Verdict

At the end of the day, there’s a reason why there are so many glowingly positive Polar Mini reviews out there right now.

The Polar Mini AC unit is a revolutionary new product designed to fight back against the hottest temperatures the middle of summer can produce.

Using new engineering approaches, new and modern technical materials, and proprietary solutions combined with the tried and true evaporative cooling technology that has been perfected over the last few decades you end up with something really special in the Polar Mini air conditioner.

Best of all, you’ll always have a portable solution close at hand that can cool you down when you don’t necessarily need a full-sized (and ridiculously loud) AC unit rocking and rolling in the background.

Instead you’ll get near silent cooling capabilities that will disturb you while you’re at work, while you’re watching your favorite shows or movies, or when you need something that can cool down young children while they take a nap.

These products are just now hitting the market in time to beat the summer heat but are already garnering a lot of attention from folks that just can’t get by with traditional AC technology.

If you’re ready to cool yourself more efficiently (and without spending the kind of money that traditional AC units require) it’s time you took a closer look at all that the Polar Mini Portable AC has to offer.

This portable AC is available to purchase only at the Official Polar Mini Portable AC website.

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