Rack Room Shoes Increases Online Revenue with Digital Experience Monitoring and Digital Business Analytics from Dynatrace

E-commerce conversions increased by 25% with support from actionable, AI-powered insights

WALTHAM, Mass.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Software intelligence company Dynatrace (NYSE: DT), today announced leading footwear retailer, Rack Room Shoes, is using Dynatrace® to improve conversion rates by 25% and accelerate revenue. With Dynatrace’s Digital Experience Monitoring and Digital Business Analytics modules, Rack Room Shoes teams now understand how their online services are performing from the end user’s perspective, and how this impacts critical business KPIs such as e-commerce conversion rates and revenue. These abilities, combined with precise answers from the Dynatrace AI engine, Davis™, have enabled Rack Room Shoes to continuously improve user experience and accelerate delivery of new online functionalities.

“In today’s retail landscape, it’s imperative to turn website visitors into loyal customers,” said Kevin McNall, Director of Digital Projects and Practices, Rack Room Shoes. “Dynatrace has been central to this, helping us to quickly understand precisely what we need to do to create a great customer experience that increases our conversions. We are relatively early in our e-commerce journey, yet by continually finding ways to optimize our customer experience, Dynatrace has enabled us to ramp-up very quickly. These insights have enabled us to introduce new revenue-generating features to our online store much faster, which has supplied a vital lifeline to our business.”

With Dynatrace®, Rack Room Shoes teams can understand exactly how their customers interact with the company’s e-commerce platforms, from their website to native mobile apps. Dynatrace automatically analyzes every user journey, down to the impact of every click, tap, or swipe. Using the unique capabilities of Dynatrace®Session Replay, which delivers a movie-like review of a user session, teams can now understand how to optimize user sessions for conversion.

Connecting digital experience and business analytics to full-stack observability metrics has also enabled greater collaboration between IT, DevOps, and digital experience teams. This has created significant efficiency gains, freeing up approximately 30% more time for these teams to focus on customer-innovation projects, and enabling them to deliver these innovations to the business faster.

“Dynatrace has completely transformed the way we work and do business,” continued McNall. “It’s bred a culture of understanding about digital experience across our organization, and the impact this has on critical outcomes such as conversions and revenue. Dynatrace has also enabled us to create a common set of metrics, shared across our business, which improves how our people collaborate. Combined with the AI-backed answers from Davis, this allows us to be more precise and user-centric, which enables us to accelerate the delivery of new customer-focused innovation. Previously, we were delivering just one major project to improve user experience per year. With Dynatrace, we delivered three such projects in the last twelve months, including integrating PayPal and our new in-store pick-up offering.”

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