Serial Entrepreneur Dennis ‘Donato’ Agalli Steps Up to Help NYC First Responders During COVID-19

Dennis Donato Agalli, serial entrepreneur and owner of Rocky’s Pizza Group has announced that he has stepped up to help NYC’s first responders as a way to say thanks for all of their hard work during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 11, 2020 / Dennis ‘Donato’ Agalli has been thrust into the spotlight in recent years as a serial entrepreneur from New York City who has successfully built a multi-million dollar business portfolio. Dennis Agalli is the owner of a multi-million dollar pizza business Rocky’s Pizza Group, Old Country Coffee Corp in Hudson Yards and Private Real Estate & Real Estate Management in New York. He also used to own and operate the trendy and artistic nightclub “ER Bar & Hookah Lounge” in NYC.

More recently, he has made waves by choosing to give back by helping NYC’s first responders during COVID-19. Agalli says he feels that they deserve special recognition to thank them for all of the hard work that they have done and continue to do as the pandemic continues. Many businesses and local organizations have been honoring first responders amidst the pandemic.

One of the most well-known instances of giving back to first responders was the daily applause done by ordinary New York residents from home at 7 p.m. each day. The applause and cheers were shared by thousands of people as they paid tribute to all of the people who work to protect the community during COVID-19.

First responders around the world were some of the most affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. As for the outbreak in the United States, New York City was one of the hardest-hit cities in the country as the pandemic began.

Many first responders, including healthcare workers, paramedics, firefighters, EMTs, police officers, and local government officials were not only exposed to the virus but fell ill while trying to serve their communities.

Helping NYC First Responders

On why he decided to step up to help first responders in NYC, Agalli says that it is simply a reflection of his life and business philosophies. “I am a little different, I believe in values and integrity. I have more of a “family approach” in all of my businesses,” says Agalli. “By that, I mean that I treat my workers and customers as family members. Amazing things happen when you do this.”

As a successful entrepreneur, he says that he wants to lead by example and give back to the people who need it the most. This is his definition of real success and he believes that serving others is the best way to feel most happy. His success also comes after many failures which is part of the reason why he says that giving back has helped him to stay humble. Prior to the start of Rocky’s Pizza Group, Dennis Agalli had three businesses that failed where he lost all his investment. After failing he refused to give up by seeking out new opportunities and he was eventually able to build the seven successful businesses that he manages today.

Recent events have highlighted to Agalli just how critical it is to have clear success principles with respect to managing one’s business. He says that the following six principles are what have helped him navigate the current crisis.

Great Team

Many businesses across the country were profoundly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with many having to shut down amidst the crisis due to loss of revenue. As a result, Dennis Agalli says that he has been relying on his team more than ever as they all work to get through this crisis.

In the meantime, Agalli says that he is showing through action that he is committed to the community.

Honesty & Integrity

Agalli believes that honesty and integrity is the most important thing when doing business. He says that doing business the right way is not only good for workers, it also helps to develop strong positive energy.

This is why he says that it is important to do good while making money in order to bring real-life fulfillment.

Treat Everyone with Respect and Give Back

Dennis ‘Donato’ Agalli says that it is essential to treat everyone with respect no matter the ranking of the worker. It is better to be a leader that can admit mistakes and put aside his ego.

He says that being open to others’ feedback and questions while keeping an open mind is how he has managed to build his seven successful businesses.

Motivated Work Culture

Agalli has always made sure to cultivate a positive reputation for his businesses in an effort to develop a motivated work culture. By giving back to the community, he says that it will help him to develop a good reputation as an entrepreneur so that he can continue to enjoy success and build his businesses.

Having a positive work culture is important to him because he says that knowing that they are helping the community is why his employees are excited to come to work.


When people work together and everyone has a role and feels important, loyalty can develop in the business says Dennis Agalli. This became especially true as things became difficult for many people as the COVID-19 crisis unfolded in New York City.

Hard Work

The sixth principle that Dennis Agalli says propels him forward is that he is taking action and working hard. He says that he has made the effort to step up in the community and give back and encourages others to do the same.

Dennis Agalli will continue to work with local NYC organizations to identify ways to give back to others during COVID-19. His latest act of kindness is only one of many to come as he continues with his primary goal of helping others.

About Dennis ‘Donato’ Agalli

Dennis ‘Donato’ Agalli is a serial entrepreneur based in New York City. Having built a multi-million dollar business portfolio, Agalli is the owner of Rocky’s Pizza Group, Old Country Coffee Corp, and Private Real Estate & Real Estate Management.

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