SmartAsset’s Founder and CEO, Michael Carvin, Named One of the Top 50 Financial Technology CEOs of 2020

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#CEOSmartAsset, an award-winning financial technology company that helps more than 65 million people each month make smart financial decisions, is pleased to announce that its Founder and CEO, Michael Carvin, has been named one of the Top 50 Financial Technology CEOs of 2020 by The Financial Technology Report.

“These exceptional executives lead some of the most prominent financial technology companies across the globe and have helped define many of the wide scale advancements the industry has undergone over recent years,” said Jerald Hapitan, Editor, The Financial Technology Report. “They are innovators, strategists, and corporate leaders, who have built important organizations that are driving massive change in the way we spend, save, invest or otherwise manage our financial lives.”

The Financial Technology Report reviewed thousands of CEOs from which they invited a select set to participate in this year’s nomination process. The company then closely evaluated several hundred nominations and performed a more detailed review of each candidate based on demonstrated leadership capabilities by researching qualified information sources and publicly available information. They then looked for technological impact on the financial industry, breadth of organization, number of businesses or consumers reached, career achievements and influence in the field and among peers.

Under Carvin’s leadership, SmartAsset has become the internet’s most viewed source of personal financial information and advice. Over the past year, his product-focused, data-driven approach has helped SmartAsset extend its mission of helping people make smart financial decisions and become a valuable resource for both consumers looking for financial advisors and financial advisors looking to grow their businesses.

In April 2020, Carvin and SmartAsset team launched an extension of its SmartAdvisor platform called Live Connections. The service instantly connects validated, high-intent investors to certified advisors through an introductory phone call. Through the initial Live Connections pilot program, which launched in late 2019, advisors and firms have experienced a 100% contact rate and upwards of a 20% close/conversion rate with prospects from all around the country.

Leading trade and fintech publications, including Finovate, Wealth Management and Financial Advisor Magazine have taken notice of the Live Connections program and its impact since its launch, referencing it as a “valuable resource for financial managers as well as their customers and clients” and “a game-changer for the industry.” At its core: it’s a solution that transforms SmartAsset’s reach and ability to help people make smart financial decisions.

As the company continues its mission, Carvin fosters a business environment that is inclusive, diverse and collaborative. Under his guidance, employees have developed and launched groups and initiatives that center around positive impact and change. They include SmartStart (a community program that partners with a NYC high school to teach students financial literacy), SmartAlliance (an employee group that celebrates and supports the LGBT+ and ally community), SmartChange (an employee group that is dedicated to raising awareness and promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace), SmartValues (an employee-nominated group with representation from all departments that defines and implements the company’s core values) and Women Who StartUp (a group that enables women in the company to network and empower each other).

About SmartAsset

Founded and headquartered in NYC, SmartAsset is a financial technology company that helps more than 65 million people each month make smart financial decisions. The company publishes data-driven content, topical guides, reviews, personalized calculators and educational tools to help people navigate life’s big personal finance decisions. Additionally, SmartAsset operates SmartAdvisor, which is the leading independent client acquisition platform for Financial Advisors in America. Forbes recently named SmartAsset as one of America’s Best Startup Employers in 2020. For more information, please visit and

About SmartAdvisor

SmartAdvisor is the leading client acquisition platform for financial advisors that is meaningfully changing how advisors approach marketing, business development and lead generation in the digital age. Owned and operated by SmartAsset, the web’s most-viewed source of personal financial information and advice, the SmartAdvisor platform helps qualified financial advisors and consumers build meaningful relationships and helps investors feel secure in their financial future. SmartAdvisor vets consumers by investable assets, location, income and other key indicators for client acquisition. For more information, please visit



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