SNSG: Combining His Passion for Gaming and Music into One

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 2, 2020 / Nowadays, one no longer needs to go through traditional and mainstream media to become famous. With the various social media platforms available to upcoming content creators, the playing field has become more open. However, it is still not that easy to be relevant to viewers. One needs to have character that’s able to stand out amid the crowd.

Alex Mendoza, more prominently known as SNSG, is one of those upcoming digital personalities who is already a step ahead from the rest of the pack. He brings unique content to the table. SNSG changes the online scene by combining his passion for gaming and music. Since the two forms of entertainment go hand and hand, SNSG can maximize his talents to excel in both.

SNSG takes inspiration from legendary YouTube sensation Mr. Beast, who currently holds over 37 million subscribers on his channel. The rap groups Dough Boyz Cash Out and Team Eastside also motivate him to produce better music. Indeed, these groups and individuals have gained more than just money and fame. They are inspiring new creators like SNSG to strive to be a success in the industry.

SNSG’s song called “All in the Streets” featuring 049 Gus & Steven Jordan has reached 100 thousand views on YouTube. This remarkable milestone proves that SNSG has the potential to dominate online platforms. Imagine what more he can do once he takes his game to a whole new level.

Aside from effectively producing meaningful and engaging content, SNSG also manages his own company. SNSG Company LLC originally started as a company dedicated to gaming content creation. But soon, their community grew, and SNSG met some talented rappers through gaming. It wasn’t long before SNSG took a chance to make music a part of his company. He did not let an opportunity pass him by.

Today, SNSG Company LLC is home to video games and music lovers. SNSG gets the platform to enjoy two things he is passionate about. At the same time, he is giving an avenue for musicians and gamers to come together and showcase their talents.

Of all the video games that have gotten him hooked, SNSG is fondest of Fortnite and Call of Duty. Seeing how both games are top-rated in the gaming community, it explains why SNSG himself loves the game.

Fortnite alone is played by an astounding number of 350 million players. It is patronized by gamers of all ages, being community-friendly. Meanwhile, Call of Duty boasts a community of 60 million players. Through these video games, SNSG can connect to many people who will surely come to appreciate his music and his gaming skills.

“SNSG Company LLC is the future of gaming, music, and clothing,” SNSG said so himself. Indeed, he has the potential to become a great success because of his competitive spirit. Through determination and hard-work, SNSG can turn a bad situation into something positive. His positive disposition gives him an edge, not just as a gamer and a musician but also as a businessman in the making.

Stay updated with SNSG’s journey through his website and his YouTube channel.


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