Stanley Pearson Talks About Overcoming Struggles in Diversity

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 5, 2020 / To live a good life is to embrace the bad therein. And to become the best version of oneself is to accept the worst ones that came before it. It was through these paradoxes that Stan was able to become the well-regarded figure he is today.

Being a leading authority on virtual engagement for small businesses and entrepreneurs, Stanley David Pearson II has traveled all over the country to interview celebrities and gain some insights about their personal success stories. This exposure molded him into an influential figure among growth-driven individuals. But life has not always been smooth sailing for this award-winning bilingual mindset expert & virtual engagement expert.

Upon getting his first degree, Stanley moved to Texas and settled in a city that was more than 90% Mexican/Mexican-American. Initially, earning a degree in Spanish made this move make perfect sense; however, every piece didn’t fall into place initially. Being one of few Black people in the city certainly provided its own set of difficulties. If anything, it only made him feel even more uncertain about the career decision he made in an effort to be a better version of himself. But when it dawned on him that wallowing in self-pity would do him no good, he set out to open his own Latin dance studio. Rhythm Dance Studio was the studio home he created to change lives and footwork through relationships and dancing. The tag line was, “we don’t make mistakes, we make moves.” It didn’t last forever, but it helped him transition into the next stage of his life.

Having a Master’s in Business Administration degree, Stan easily got a job at a consulting firm. During this time, he thought that he finally had everything figured out. At work, he was able to deliver everything that was asked of him and even got paid well. And with things in place, it never occurred to him that the tides would soon change. To his dismay and unfortunate surprise, he got laid off with only two weeks’ worth of severance pay as a consolation. This marked the beginning of a downward spiral towards depression.

In a state of deep contemplation, Stan tried to recollect every moment of his life. In the middle of his recollection, his memories led him back to the time when he was teaching dance lessons. And at this point, he was suddenly reminded of his dance studio’s motto, which was, “We don’t make mistakes, we make moves.”

Taking the motto’s message to heart, he realized that living is an awful lot like dancing. There are no mistakes. But there are, however, a couple of necessary detours that ultimately lead to the right path.

When Stanley first started speaking, he believed that there are two things one cannot live without – diversity and breathing. He explains that it takes air to make life happen and that diversity is necessary for constant development. So taking these two crucial elements together, he established Breathe Diversity, LLC, a company that chooses to evolve with every breath of life continually.

Breathe Diversity teaches individuals, companies, and organizations how to be the best versions of themselves from the inside out. It goes beyond superficial barriers while conducting leadership, virtual engagement, and diversity training. And after fourteen years of being in the business, it has succeeded in upholding confidence, emotional intelligence, and a proper mindset.

To know more about Stanley and his brainchild, Breathe Diversity, you may visit their website, Instagram, and Facebook page. You may also contact Stanley at (888) 417-7826 or send him an e-mail at

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