SurePoint Technologies Accelerates Remote Implementation for 15 U.S. Law Firms During Pandemic

Remote implementations enable law firms to move toward virtualization and accelerates technology adoption

CINCINNATI–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#legaltechSurePoint Technologies, the leading cloud provider of practice management solutions to law firms, announced today that it completed its 15th remote implementation for new clients since the pandemic began. The company also announced that it expects to double this number by the end of September.

The SurePoint team has been working closely with customers to evolve its market-leading implementation process to address concerns of budget, timing, resource allocation, health, safety and security. “Our unique implementation process is agile, allowing customers to onboard virtually. Each firm also works with a dedicated team of highly skilled technical specialists who have a deep expertise in financial and accounting methodologies,” says Don Schule, Chief Operations Officer. “This methodology aligns with our SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) model which includes implementation costs, maintenance upgrades, training and support. This performance trajectory allows our experts to guide each firm from kick-off, through the execution of the first end of month accounting close and beyond.”

The SurePoint Leadership team has extensive training in preparing for disasters and critical global events. When the pandemic began, this experience enabled them to immediately take action to support the 350+ firms that utilize the SurePoint Legal Management System (LMS) and their clients.

“In February, SurePoint was already in assessment mode and began early stages for planning and execution. In early March, we had invoked our business continuity plan to assist our clients who had traditionally operated their businesses on-premise to continue their day-to-day operations remotely,” explains Schule. “With the ability to implement, onboard and run a law firm remotely becoming essential, LMS has allowed firms to continue focusing on their clients and practice. Our commitment to our community guides everything we do.”

At the conclusion of implementation, firms can access all critical data and close the end of month from a single, paperless environment. Recent innovations include SurePoint View, an easy-to-use data analytics dashboard enabling attorneys and law firm management to gain essential insights into the metrics that drive business success.

“We made the decision to implement LMS in the months preceding the pandemic. When the shelter-in-place directive was announced, we quickly mobilized the firm to run operations virtually,” said Robert Huey, VP of Finance at Silicon Legal Strategy. “Our firm is known for its high-touch ultra-responsive client service and it was critical that we leverage technology to better serve our clients and the new challenges facing them. We are very pleased with the remote implementation led by the SurePoint Team. We are excited about being able to use LMS to run our financial and practice management operations. Our project manager was accessible and knowledgeable, helping us through every step of the process. The key to a successful remote implementation is putting in all the work during the pre-planning stages and strong collaboration. This certainly was the case in partnering with SurePoint.”

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