Terminus Technologies becomes Official Robotics Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai

Expo 2020 Dubai announced Terminus Technologies, a leader in smart technologies such as artificial intelligence and robotics, as its latest Premier Partner on Thursday, 2 July.

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 10, 2020 / The next World Expo has great expectations of Terminus Technologies and its technological advancements and counts on the company’s commitment across the board when it opens its doors to visitors from around the world on 1 October next year.

As the event’s Official Robotics Partner, Terminus Technologies will empower Expo 2020 with its newest cutting-edge robotic technologies. It will also contribute the vision of a fully digital and interconnected city at District 2020, the human-centric smart city that will evolve as the future of Expo to support industry and technology growth in the UAE’s advance towards an innovation-driven economy.

The expectations are high for both parties involved, as Victor AI, Founder and CEO of Terminus Technologies, commented: “I am excited to announce the collaboration with Expo 2020 Dubai. It is really an honor for us to be a part of Expo 2020, being placed along some of the most forward-thinking companies in the world.

“Terminus Technologies and Expo 2020 share the same ambitions of exploring the boundaries of next-generation technologies, including artificial intelligence to make the world a more interconnected place.”

Aiming at shaping the next generation technology of artificial intelligence – enabled internet of things (AIoT), Terminus Technologies has been relentlessly working on further improvements in its innovative technologies, which mainly focus on AI smart cities, sustainable development, and robotics.

“It’s our main objective to use our AIoT engine to integrate stand-alone products into smart solutions, eventually paving the way to a world of interconnected AI cities,” Victor AI added.

Based on its practical, yet ever-evolving vision, Terminus Technologies has deployed numerous smart service solutions in many places across the globe.

For instance, Terminus Technologies’ AIoT Smart Office Building Solution is designed to create a pleasant and interconnected office environment by using AIoT technologies, cloud computing and computer vision technologies to solve various problems that conventional office buildings face these days, such as access control, office services, security, and parking solutions.

With its comfortable, efficient, energy-saving, and smart end-to-end services offered, the company helps the building and office managers reach new standards in terms of effectiveness and operational efficiency.

In addition, smart parking, smart tourism, smart retail, and smart community solutions, all enabled by the city’s IoT infrastructure, also significantly contribute to improving the management of the city, and the delivery of community and other related services.

Proposed solutions rely upon receiving, analyzing, and managing data in real-time, to improve the level of social administration services and decision-making processes. The result is new management models of unmatched efficiency and convenience, and a smart management decision platform for cities.

In particular, Terminus Technologies’ robot product line also has played a crucial role in contributing to the company’s vision of AI-enabled cities. Recently, Terminus Technologies has launched a new generation of Titan Robots. A milestone in terms of hardware products offered, Terminus Technologies believes that the new line of products will be complementary to its existing AIoT-powered solutions.

The new generation of Titan Robots includes three product lines, offering six distinct models. The robots are designed to be fully operational in different work environments, including outdoor areas such as parks, tourist attractions, and other frequently visited outdoor public facilities. This enables Titan Robots to fulfil diverse requirements in different operation areas.

The combination of robots with more complex smart solutions enables the delivery of multi-functional smart services in various scenarios. It is Terminus Technologies’ ultimate goal to provide all its customers, including corporate and private entities, healthcare facilities, and others with the highest quality AIoT products available in the market.

Terminus’ value proposition aligns with the digital strategy envisioned for the future of Expo at District 2020.

Several cities worldwide are preparing to deploy and utilize digital technologies to become what we know as ‘smart cities. Dubai is also paying significant attention and allocating resources to the development of smart city solutions.

Following the Expo, Terminus will also set up a Research and Development Centre and its first headquarters outside of China at District 2020, the innovation ecosystem that will repurpose more than 80% of the Expo site’s built environment.

As the opening of a new chapter in the company’s history and its upcoming collaborations, Victor AI pointed out: “Expo 2020 Dubai will serve as an incredible hub of innovation for the entire world, and District 2020, the mixed-use innovation ecosystem that will repurpose more than 80 percent of the site’s built environment, will serve as an example for global smart city development.

“Terminus Technologies is working with both Expo 2020 and District 2020 to redefine the concept of ‘future cities’ by contributing its robotic solutions and AIoT technology.

“Together with other technology-focused partners, we have the opportunity to further explore the potential of smart solutions. This is exactly the reason why we are so excited about it.”

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