The Birch Gold Difference: Behind the Precious Metals IRA Industry Leader

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / July 21, 2020 / In order to help sort through threats like potential economic recession all the way through fake news, Birch Gold Group is proud to announce a new series of industry partnerships, collaborations, and research aiming to empower Americans to make the best decisions for their retirement savings.

Birch Gold helps individuals diversify their assets using IRS-approved self-directed IRAs to leverage tax deferred investments.

Adding precious metals like gold and silver to your retirement portfolio can help you reach your long-term goals. Your choices to buy or sell may depend on current price trends, which are often driven by economic and political events. Knowing how to understand and position these events alongside potential market performance and financial outcomes can make a huge difference toward your nest egg’s performance.

Starting with endorsements from Ben Shapiro, Newt Gingrich, and Steve Bannon and extending through their extensive, free financial education resources, Birch Gold is every American’s partner in getting the information you need towards diversifying your savings, and learning what you need to do to reach your retirement goals.

What is a reliable news source?

Any individual considering their family’s financial future as well as their approach to retirement savings has to factor in considerations regarding political and economic events. Mainstream news media is the common source for such information on current events and the global marketplace, but it is not always enough.

Recent Gallup poll data shows that six out of every 10 Americans see the news media as not doing a good job in expressing whether the content they are presenting is objective. Americans want expert insights, but they also want to be clear on when they’re getting facts versus opinions-and from whom.

Not everyone has a degree in economics, business, or politics. Knowing where to turn to find reliable information is more important than ever when trying to make the right decisions for your financial future.

Unfortunately, the companies that specialize in Precious Metals IRAs do not always do a good job in showcasing expert insights in a way that people can trust. Throwing gold performance charts and other bits of data without context is not helpful.

In response to customer feedback on the difficulties the entire precious metals IRA industry has faced, Birch Gold Group has been working with industry experts to build an internet knowledge base. Anyone looking for answers to questions about their retirement can start here.

How does Birch Gold Group showcase expertise?

Birch Gold has been publishing fact-checked educational articles and breaking news stories since it was founded, but there are two new initiatives that have been recently expanded.

The goal of this expansion is to connect with key industry players, cut out the background noise, and focus on building a reliable understanding of economics and politics.

In the interest of cutting back on the potential impact of fake news, Birch Gold is dedicated to highlighting a range of voices contributing unique perspectives that can help you make sense of what’s happening in the world. The power to determine whom you listen to is ultimately yours.

The two initiatives are:

  1. Leading endorsements – Ben Shapiro, Newt Gingrich, Steve Bannon, and Hugh Hewitt are just some of the influencers with whom Birch Gold Group has partnered. Behind these endorsements is Birch Gold’s dedication to encouraging critical thinking, debate, and freedom of speech.
  2. Expert insights, shared – Birch Gold Group is adding new authors, vetted for their expertise and professional insights, who can comment on economic events, market trends, and how politics can affect financial outcomes.

Our customers have told us that they are on the hunt for a reliable news and fact source, but that everything out there is either unreliable or meant for advanced industry professionals.

We’ll never “dumb” anything down. Instead, we break subjects down into bite-size nuggets, and then leverage our contributors’ advanced expertise to examine political and economic issues.

Interested in sharing your expert insights?

Reach out to Sandra Jones at to share your experience and discuss potential directions for contribution.

How does Birch Gold Group give back?

Birch Gold recognizes its role within the greater community.

Since so much of retirement savings has to do with protecting not just individual futures but also families, we took a page out of our own book and looked at our families. Many of us have family members that served in the United States military.

We also recognize that lack of financial literacy is driving one of the biggest crises facing returning servicemembers, veterans, and their families. To this end, we’ve assembled several informational guides to help veterans plan for retirement and also pay for healthcare costs.

Birch Gold Group also gives back to its local community wherever possible. After our best month of sales and right as the world was struggling to make sense of the initial coronavirus outbreak, Birch Gold made a charitable donation to Valley Community Healthcare. This contribution helped support providing health services to low-income and otherwise marginalized individuals.

What is the Birch Gold Difference?

Birch Gold Group offers precious metals expertise alongside industry-leading customer service. This all-around excellence makes Birch Gold stand out from its peers, as the precious metals dealer you can trust.

The Birch Gold team has a demonstrated track record of performance, with professional experience that includes work at Citigroup, Dunn & Bradstreet, and IBM.

In addition to knowledge about markets and asset performance, each IRA Specialist at Birch Gold is experienced in working with retirement savings accounts, from helping to set up new SDIRAs to walking through how to rollover a 401(k). Precious Metals Specialists work alongside them, with years’ worth of experience working with precious metals in financial settings.

Alongside extensive financial knowledge, Birch Gold Group also adheres to top industry protocols for security and safety, including anti-money laundering (AML) compliance.

This knowledge is put into action through Birch Gold’s dedication to customer service. Each customer is paired with a Precious Metals Specialist, who gets to know their motivations behind purchasing physical gold and silver, walks them through the processes associated with Precious Metals IRAs, and helps get any questions answered.

What is a Precious Metals IRA?

A Precious Metals IRA is a type of self-directed IRA (SDIRA), which is an individual retirement account that gives its owner full control over the assets purchased inside.

Unlike conventional IRAs where the financial institution offering the IRA selects the types of assets that may be purchased – usually this includes mutual funds, bonds, and stocks – an SDIRA lets you buy and sell any asset as long as it is not prohibited by the IRS.

What are the benefits and advantages of placing Precious Metals in an IRA?

While there are always additional advantages that can be identified, there are four central benefits to placing precious metals in an IRA.

  1. Diversification – Common wisdom dictates that diversifying your savings can increase the likelihood of long-term performance. For example, if the stock market crashes, having only a portion of your investments placed into stocks increases the likelihood that your overall portfolio will be successful.
  2. Potential future gains – Aside from their price, precious metals have intrinsic material value that spans from jewelry through industry. As supplies become more scarce, precious metals may become more valuable.
  3. Secure purchasing power – When the value of the U.S. dollar declines, the value of precious metals usually increases. This can help protect an individual’s long-term purchasing power.
  4. Easy to set up and manage – Through a simple rollover or transfer, you can get started on owning precious metals while also leveraging the tax benefits that come with individual retirement accounts.

What are the fees for a Precious Metals IRA?

To set up a Precious Metals IRA, we recommend you begin with a minimum of $10,000 in your account. You will face some set-up and maintenance fees.

Upon establishing your account, you will incur one-time fees that include:

  • $50 set-up fee
  • $30 wire transfer fee
  • $40 transaction fee

Annually, fees include:

  • $100 depository storage fee, including insurance
  • $75 custodian management fee

Please note, these fees are representative and may change depending on a number of factors.

You can learn more about opening a Precious Metals IRA by requesting our latest Information Kit here.

About Birch Gold Group

Founded in 2003, Birch Gold Group is a physical precious metals dealer specializing in individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Based out of Burbank, CA, Birch Gold serves customers across the United States.

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