The Doe: Challenging the Way People Engage with New Ideas and Breaking Biases

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / Unfiltered narratives from anonymous yet verified sources are what The Doe brings to the table. Through these narratives, the company seeks to challenge the way people engage with the new information they receive. The goal is to give readers a platform where they can confront and, perhaps, break their own biases.

Milan Kordestani is the person behind this unique platform. Growing up, he has always been passionate about writing. At 16 years old, he cold emailed the renowned Arianna Huffington and was given the opportunity to write for The Huffington Post. At that moment, he understood the importance of the information that he wrote about. He understood that what he would say and write mattered because his articles reached the minds of the readers.

When The Huffington Post pivoted to focusing on news over op-eds, he lost his platform and stopped writing for some time, but his drive for bolstering marginalized voices was relentless. He continued writing, but this time, he did it in the form of narratives. A part of Milan wanted to put his narratives out in public anonymously, but he realized there was no platform for him to do so. Although a little dismayed, the possibility of creating such a powerful platform dawned upon him.

The Doe takes pride in the fact that the publication prioritizes the elevation of marginalized voices over what may be often perceived as popular opinion. Not many publications and media companies would take this position, but this company is brave enough to do so.

The company gives exceptional value to the authenticity it embodies as a brand. So as to not clutter the reader’s experience, The Doe has taken a stand against ads. Readers, therefore, will not see this company featuring ads for revenue. To continue the company’s operation, it has opted to employ innovative ways that are in line with its advocacy and authenticity.

In line with its mission of fostering civil discourses, the company started its own line of clothing that features thought-provoking designs that support their cause. Every piece of apparel is based on the theme of the monthly publications. These apparel designs are sure to spark interesting conversations, which is what The Doe seeks to do.

As an advocate for the accessibility of information regardless of socio-economic backgrounds, the company features a unique subscription approach, which is probably a first on its own. This is their “pay what you want” subscription model. Whether the readers are paying $100 a month or $1, The Doe’s stories will be accessible.

Milan is aware of the power of social media. He acknowledges that social media platforms allow people to communicate about issues that they would not dare touch in civil manners due to preconceived biases. With that in mind, his company seeks to be the platform where these engagements are encouraged. On Twitter, the company runs weekly giveaways, giving money directly to their followers who activate against the mission of conducting civil discourse. This is just one of many ways The Doe not only gives back to their community, but also an example of how they break echo chambers by focusing on their audience that are acting in alignment with their mission, rather than giving money to a mega corporation like Twitter.

Today, The Doe is dedicated to becoming a well-trusted platform by millions of people from all around the world, and to reach that goal, the company is transparent in all they do in their pursuit to lead difficult conversations and spark unconventional conversations on thought-provoking issues.

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