The Largest Art Festival of Salt Sculpture to Kick Off in Taiwan in 2020

A journey of love; a home life of aesthetic

TAIWAN / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / The 2020 Art Festival of Salt Sculpture is geared up to kick off! Visitors are welcomed to Qigu Salt Mountain to experience the salt element which can boost your energy and offer spas purifying your body and soul. Today (July 11th) the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration, Taiwan Tourism Bureau, will be holding an opening ceremony of “2020 Art Festival of Salt Sculpture in Love with the White Southwest Coast of Taiwan” on Qigu Salt Mountain. Deputy Director-General Chou Ting-chang of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau and Director Hsu Zhen-neng of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration will host this opening ceremony together. The festival period is from July 11 to August 30. There will be two venues to house the exhibitions, namely, three-dimensional light sculpture and the black-faced spoonbill of the largest size on earth at the Qigu Visitor Center; and the largest exhibition of salt sculpture, “A Journey of Love” and “A Home Life of Aesthetic” on Qigu Salt Mountain. In addition to the opening ceremony, there will be brilliant performances of Yu Gu Fun, the drum group; Ezu Huang, the love song singer; and djembe, the African drum show. A variety of giveaways will be offered at the event, such as do-it-yourself salt products, free samplings of salty coffee, 1,000 pieces of magnets signifying “opposites attract”, 500 sachets of excellent salt blessed by Wang Ye, the divine emissaries.

Deputy Director-General Chou Ting-chang of the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, the Ministry of Transportation and Communications; Director Hsu Zhen-neng of the Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Administration, the Taiwan Tourism Bureau; Vice President Chen Shi-hui of Taiyen Biotech Co., Ltd., and Chen Ting-fei, Member of the Legislative Yuan warmly invite visitors from all over the country to admire the salt sculpture and 3D light sculpture at Qigu Salt Mountain by using revitalization vouchers to maximize the value.

According to Director Hsu Zhen-neng, this is the ninth year for holding this art festival, and this time they have combined static art sculpture and dynamic three-dimensional light sculpture. To coordinate with the Covid-19 loss relief project launched on July 1, and to attract more visitors to join this event, the exhibition operator has worked out a huge “black-faced spoonbill” land art together with the three-dimensional light sculpture at the Visitor Center. Doing so is to enhance the awareness of this event and to do a warm-up for the coming summer activities at the coast of Tainan so as to create peripheral business opportunities. The overall strategy aims at marketing the concept of white tourism of the southwest coast, livening up the salt fields as a tourism pattern, and building up Qigu salt factory as a new guidepost for leisure. Apart from making known the beauty of salt, and working out an art feast, the purposes are to connect all the peripheral attractions, whose traffic will be supported by West Coast Expressway, the so-called, “61 Happiness Expressway.” Do enjoy yourself at the southwest coast and boost your energy on Qigu Salt Mountain.

The highlights of the 2020 Art Festival of Salt Sculpture on Qigu Salt Mountain are:

The largest salt sculpture exhibited with a motif of love, namely, the love for family, the love for environment, the love for health, and the love for selflessness. Love will be cohered through crystallization and spread.

A show of catastrophe like the movie of “The Day After Tomorrow” to emphasize the importance of environment protection.

Cheer for the great work done by the medical teams in Taiwan to fight against Covid-19. A salute to these fighters for their effort to keep pandemic at bay.

A salt country landscape will be manifested with real trains, rails, reappearance of the nostalgic scene of sea salt in the sun along the coast of southwest of Taiwan in early times. Visitors may interact and enjoy surrounding aura when walking into the “painting”. The purpose of promoting the imagery of a salt country has been served.

A home life of aesthetic is an idea so creative that salt is merged into your home life with its characteristics, such as a great release of anion, its absorptive ability of moisture, its purifying power in the air, and relief of anxiety and stress. All these are healthful.

A dazzling performance of the three-dimensional light sculpture at Qigu Visitor Center in 2020:

This sculpture visual show combines the salt sculpture of black-faced spoonbill and Oh-Bear with three-dimensional light. Visitors will be guided through a forest tunnel on a bamboo raft on the water. A three-dimensional effect will be given along the tour, and visitors will see playful fiddler crabs on the wetland, egrets, soldier crabs, milkfish, whiskered terns, mud skippers, and black-faced spoonbills. All these auspicious creatures will appear at the same time to greet visitors, who are able to enjoy a very different eco-tour.

Show Time: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.; half an hour for each show. For pandemic prevention and maintaining a quality show, each show only allows 20 audiences.

Taiwan Tourist Shuttle – West Coast Expressway will provide traffic to the art festival of salt sculpture, and the event operator has even worked out a tailor-made bus, called “Fleur de sel Bus”. Fleur de sel means excellent salt in French. Naturally, people can fully realize that Southwest Coast Taiwan is the origin of producing excellent salt in Taiwan. It is interesting to mention that a cute salt elf in a form of an action figure will be installed inside the bus of Taiwan Tourist Shuttle – West Coast Expressway. When taking the shuttle bus, passengers will enjoy virtual reality stickers, which will bring a vivid image of Jingzaijiao tile paved salt fields in the sun. The bus grips also offer some tips of salt knowledge about all kinds of salt in the world. Come enjoy the bus and experience the salt country landscape.

Salt is not only valuable for its edible purpose, but also generates a great amount of anion which has an effect of purification. This year’s most healthy art festival of salt sculpture will be held from July 11 to August 30, and each weekend, at Qigu Visitor Center there will be Salt Country Theater. Special programs of summertime fun activities will be arranged such as Salt Concert and Love Bridge on Chinese Valentine’s Day during this period.

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