The Official Launch Of The Neuronex Exchange: Dealing With Cryptocurrency Becomes Easier

TALLINN, ESTONIA / ACCESSWIRE / July 14, 2020 / The official launch of the NeuronEx platform, the P2P exchange for instant and safe purchase of cryptocurrency from anywhere in the world, will take place on July 15, 2020. NeuronEx offers free storage solutions and exchange of digital assets services, and also allows you to effectively profit from cryptocurrency trading. The platform was created by a financial network – NeuronChain.

With NeuronEx, you can buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies quickly, easily, and safely. Users can choose from any existing payment methods – from a bank card and Paypal transfers to cash and electronic money. The main focus of the platform is to facilitate and simplify all the activities connected to cryptocurrency and make this process as convenient and safe as possible.

“Among the main advantages of the NeuronEx platform is, firstly, to unite the P2P market and the exchange service on one platform, where a client can buy, sell or exchange cryptocurrencies directly through NeuronEx. The second advantage is having the ability to get your own NRON coin, by using which, you can get a 50% discount when paying NeuronEx fees.

Our team has created a completely secure service with solid guarantees, operated under the license of Estonia No. FVT000032. We are grateful to all our partners and clients for their trust and positive feedback on our collaboration skills,” says Maxim Beskorovaynyy, who is one of the founders and Chief Blockchain Architect of NeuronChain.

NeuronEx was built as a platform with an easy registration process and a convenient and intuitive interface. The principles of NeuronEx exchange operations are based on the idea of carrying out direct payments between users. NeuronEx fully guarantees the security of all cryptocurrency transactions: the payments in cryptocurrency are carried out through an Escrow account, while NeuronEx constantly monitors the fulfillment of all conditions and acts as an independent guarantor.

On the NeuronEx exchange, the buy/sell cryptocurrency transactions are conducted without opening any additional accounts. Payments are made directly through a licensed NeuronEx exchange service with the help of your credit or debit card. The exchange can be accessed from anywhere in the world and works with all existing currencies.

Another distinguishing feature of the NeuronEx exchange is the full access to the resources of the NeuronChain financial network. This allows traders to carry out transactions by using the NRON coin, profit from the commissions, and use the decentralized Neuron Wallet, which is a convenient and secure crypto wallet. Neuron Wallet is a multicurrency system that allows its owner to make deposits, transfer assets, make transactions with cryptocurrencies, track statistics of their crypto portfolio, and sell or exchange cryptocurrencies through the built-in mechanism on the NeuronEx exchange. Neuron Wallet also supports integration with third-party services through an API.

From the very beginning, NeuronEx exchange offers exceptional conditions to its users that significantly distinguish it from any other existing cryptocurrency exchange service. Thus, users can trade without being forced to pay commissions within the first month after registration. Then it becomes possible to get a 50% reduction of fees if you are paying with NRON coin. Finally, an affiliate program has been created, which allows affiliates to receive 50% of the commission fees paid by referrals, indefinitely.

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