The Road to Modernization: Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical Uses the Modern Tech Give Traditional Chinese Medicine A New Connotation

BEIJING, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / In the eyes of most people, traditional Chinese medicine is a mysterious knowledge from the ancient East. For example magical acupuncture, which can produce a therapeutic effect on diseases at certain parts of human body by puncturing seemingly unrelated parts; and traditional cupping, which attracts human tissue through negative pressure to alleviate discomfort. Finally, never forget the profound Chinese herbal medicines, they seem like ordinary herbs, but have excellent effects on many diseases.

Due to the complex and rich effects of traditional Chinese medicine in different combinations, as well as the diversity and strictness of processing methods, for most people however, traditional Chinese medicine is more like an ancient legend. It’s a pity that the unknown pharmacology behind Chinese herbal medicine has deterred many people from trying it. Fortunately, many Chinese companies have begun to use modern scientific research technology to study and standardize Chinese medicine so that this ancient wisdom can benefit the world. Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. from China is one of the pioneers in this endeavor.

Beijing Handian Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise located in Beijing. The company, with “Great Medicine Sincerity” as its core concept, possesses strong scientific research capability, and aim to explore the philosophy and science of traditional Chinese medicine. By adopting modern science and technology to inherit the essence of traditional Chinese medicine, the company has successfully developed a variety of classic Chinese patent medicines, such as Buzhong Yiqi granules for frailty diseases, Xiaochaihu granules for typhoid, exogenous diseases and influenza, and Shenling Baizhu granules for digestive system diseases, etc., which all originated from the classics of traditional Chinese medicine. The company combines the ancient wisdom of traditional Chinese medicine with modern medical technology and thus revives it in modern society, rendering it increasingly acceptable in more countries and cultures, so as to benefit social health.

The company’s star product Xiaochaihu Granules is a typical example of the company’s research strength. Xiao Chaihu granules are derived from the classic “Xiao Chai Hu Tang” in Treatise on Cold Damage Diseases, which has been widely used in clinical treatment of typhoid, exogenous disease and influenza since ancient times, and has achieved good therapeutic effects. The research and development of Xiaochaihu granules strictly follows the functions, indications and usage in ancient classics, and adopts modern technology to turn products into granules. This product greatly saves the cumbersome process of taking medicinal materials and decocting medicine and thus makes traditional Chinese medicine convenient to use. This will help people in different countries to obtain and benefit from traditional Chinese medicine, which is also of great significance to the popularization of traditional Chinese medicine.

The company’s medical center also systematically optimized the conditions of water extraction and increased the transfer rate of the active ingredients of the drug. The granules produced in this way are more effective at the same dose of drug. Meanwhile, standardized preparations and production can also benefit pharmaceutical research. The company’s medical center conducted rigorous in vivo and in vitro experiments to clarify and explore the treatment scope of Xiaochaihu and ensured its clinical application.

The global pandemic has been raging since the beginning of this year. As a technology company with the creed of “Sincerity of Great Physician”, experts from Handian Pharmaceutical Medical Center and Handian Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital have devoted to develop relevant drugs since then. In this COVID-19 pandemic, most patients can be diagnosed as “cold-dampness lung syndrome” according to traditional Chinese medicine theory. Traditional Chinese medicine believes this kind of disease is mainly caused by cold and dampness that invades the human body. The experts carefully analyzed the characteristics of the disease, consulted a large number of ancient classics of traditional Chinese medicine, and actively looked for ways to fight against such diseases.

After months of hard work, they initially developed “Taishen Granules” (also known as Handian HD1) that could alleviate the symptoms of the pandemic. The prescription can invigorate spleen to eliminate dampness, remove toxic substance, adjust the constitution of cold and dampness, and cure the related symptoms by restoring the imbalance of yin-yang in the patient’s body caused by the pathogen of cold and dampness. During the anti-epidemic period in Hubei, the company has donated the drug to local hospitals and achieved good results through the combined use of drugs. At present, the company has determined the preparation components of the drug, and has completed the pharmaceutical and toxicological experiments. The pharmacological experiments are still in progress to further improve its safety and effectiveness research. The company is also seeking international cooperation for further clinical research and drug registration, so that this product can contribute to international health care soon.

In the future, the company hopes to give full play to its strong scientific research capability to develop more Chinese patent medicine products that are suitable for European and American physique and acceptable to European and American people. They welcome cooperation from pharmaceutical companies around the world to promote the modernization and standardization of traditional Chinese medical wisdom together, so as to utilize the power of Chinese medicine to serve the world.

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