The Silver Lining: Today’s Cleaner Climate, Tomorrow’s Opportunity

TORONTO, ON / ACCESSWIRE / July 7, 2020 / As more than 4.5 billion people change their daily behaviours to practise social distancing, we’ve all witnessed an unintended beneficiary to dramatically decreased global travel, energy usage, and natural resource consumption – the global climate.

Alongside an unprecedented drop in commercial activities, pollution levels have starkly dropped in tandem, producing improvements to air quality that haven’t been seen in decades. Countries that enforced extreme lockdown orders like Spain, France and Italy have seen CO2 emissions drop by as much as 20%. Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions, a major air pollutant closely linked to factory outputs and vehicles operating on the road, have drastically decreased in recent months, particularly across Italy and China. The results of which can actually be viewed from space.

Meanwhile, a hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica is in recovery, leading to positive changes in atmospheric circulation, a welcome reversal to dangerous changes in the Southern Hemisphere’s atmosphere.

These significant climate improvements are welcome reminders that despite seemingly untouchable realities of global commerce and human behaviours, change is not only possible, but necessary to ensure a safer future for all.

According to Inger Andersen, environment chief of the UN, humanity was placing too much pressure on the natural world with damaging consequences, and she warns that failing to take care of the planet means not taking care of ourselves. As fossil fuels, mining, urban sprawl, deforestation and climate change drive wildlife into closer contact with people, deadly diseases and viruses will continue to infect humans, unless we find alternatives.

Investing in Climate-Friendly Solutions

The welcome climate improvements that humanity is witnessing demonstrate that the time is now for the inevitable shift to investing in renewable resources. Sustainable investments have proven to be not only better for the environment, but profitable as well, posing unique opportunities for growth that traditional investments in areas like fossil fuels and mining simply cannot offer.

From investments in clean water facilities, electric transportation, solar and wind energy production, and of course forestry harvesting, climate-friendly investments are not only available, they are the future. Strong performance gains accompanied by government tax incentives set up investors for success, as they seek to make positive changes for the global climate and turn profits simultaneously.

As global societies, governments and decision-makers think to the future, and acknowledge the immense stress that has been placed on the planet in recent years, it is now clearer than ever that a safer global future is not only possible, it is at our fingertips.

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