The UNH-IOL Launches New Automotive Audio Bus Testing Services for In-Vehicle Audio Devices

DURHAM, N.H.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#Interoperability–The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL), an independent provider of broad-based testing and standards conformance services for the networking industry, today announced its key role in the advancement of the Automotive Audio Bus (A2B®) technology developed by Analog Devices, Inc. The UNH-IOL will serve as the industry’s first laboratory for A2B conformance testing, which is an essential element of the broader A2B ecosystem.

A2B is a low-latency digital audio bus that transmits audio and control data together with clock and power over a single unshielded twisted pair cable. Its daisy-chain capability reduces cable weight and system complexity while improving fuel efficiency – making it particularly well suited for emerging wiring-intensive applications such as Road Noise Cancellation, Personal Audio Zones, and In-Car Communications. A2B’s architectural simplicity, zero processor overhead, and easy to use graphical development environment combine to enable industry-leading time to market.

“With over 30 OEMs having now committed to deploy A2B-based systems, we’re excited to see the launch of this critical test capability for A2B,” said Ken Waurin, A2B marketing manager, Analog Devices. “Announcing the UNH-IOL as the first A2B Test Lab is a major milestone in the expansion of the A2B ecosystem. The lab’s third-party testing helps ensure high quality products and provides more efficient system-level integration by our OEM, Tier 1, and third-party partners.”

Working closely with Analog Devices, the UNH-IOL assisted in the development of the test service to validate A2B solutions coming from the company’s customers. By pre-testing devices to the A2B specification at the UNH-IOL, system manufacturers can ensure their products interoperate seamlessly with other A2B products used in an application. While the A2B technology was initially targeted towards automotive use cases, there is also a future for A2B in emerging consumer and building technology segments.

“By providing a baseline for A2B conformance testing, automotive manufacturers and other A2B customers can save considerable effort in pre-screening solutions,” said Bob Noseworthy, principal engineer, UNH-IOL. “As the adoption of A2B solutions continues to grow, members will have confidence and assurance of functionality for their products.”

To learn more about the UNH-IOL’s Automotive Audio Bus Testing Services please visit the A2B Testing Services page . Conformance and interoperability testing services are available through Pay per Test services. To request testing please visit the UNH-IOL Request a Quote page or learn more about A2B by visiting the Analog website.

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