This Is the Best Time to Book a Worldwide Private Jet for Business and Pleasure, Says Aero Private Jet

DUBAI, UAE / ACCESSWIRE / July 15, 2020 / Aero Private Jet, a company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates that offers private jet chartered flights, wants to inform people that this is the best time to book their next flight on a private jet, whether for business or pleasure. This is because private jets are the best way to avoid exposure to crowds in busy airports. In addition, they are easy to contact because they are available 24/7. And in view of the global health crisis, they are ensuring the highest levels of hygiene on board, with their dedicated crew always making sure that clients are always safe and healthy. To ensure protection against the COVID-19 threat, every plane undergoes a comprehensive set of measures, including thorough disinfection between each flight.

In contrast to commercial airlines, which have been suffering from a slow recovery, private jet companies are actually experiencing a fast recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown as more people realize that by flying in a private jet, they are able to avoid the crowds in airports. Passengers may be able to drive directly to the plane on the tarmac, depending on the specific rules of each particular airport. In addition, more attention can be given to a private jet when it comes to sanitation because their smaller size means it’s easier to ensure that every part has been fumigated and decontaminated. Passengers are also given temperature checks and even oximeter checks.

Naum Koen, owner of the NY Koen Group, the parent company of Aero Private Jet, says, “Whether you are planning to travel for business or pleasure, make sure to contact us. Chartering a private jet is your best option to avoid the crowds you usually encounter in an airport when traveling using a commercial plane. And you don’t have to worry for your health because we take special care in disinfecting each plane between each flight. Furthermore, our crews are focused on getting you to your destination while ensuring your personal well-being and the protection of your loved ones.”

Aero Private Jet has been offering a comprehensive range of services in organizing VIP flights for business or pleasure and individualized customer service, depending on their preferences, since 2003. They closely coordinate with biggest operators and private owners of business jets all over the world, and they have access to over 7,000 airplanes and 4,000 airports. Currently, around 3,270 flights worldwide have been flown on their account.

Booking a private jet for business or pleasure is easy with Aero Private Jet. All that customers need to do is send a request, after which a personal agent will contact them immediately and specify all options. The company will then provide an offer, which will include various jets based on the customer’s specified preferences. After the customer has made a specific choice, the personal agent will control the flight from take-off to landing. He/she will also be responsible for organizing the transfer, providing a bodyguard for the customer’s safety, or ordering food from the customer’s favorite restaurant.

The types of private jet services offered by Aero Private Jet can be classified as: business charter, group air charter, aircraft leasing, aircraft management, and aircraft service and maintenance. With a business charter, they guarantee the customer a smooth travel that is tailor-fitted to the customer’s needs. Customers will enjoy the convenience of rapid processes once at the airport with their dedicate personnel focuses on their needs.

With a group air charter, the whole service can be branded with the customer’s company image. From catering to the special headrest, passengers will be treated to a fully customized travel. They will also ensure rapid transition from airport to the hotel or meeting hall where the conference will be held.

And for those who travel frequently, aircraft leasing would be the best option. They have flexible leasing programs depending on the needed flying hours and the aircraft that is preferred.

Those who are interested in private jets for business and pleasure may want to check out the Aero Private Jet website, or contact them on the telephone or through email.

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