Transplace Extends its Logistics Platform to Integrate with Other TMS Providers

New Transplace Platform Services Suite Enables Shippers to Tap into the Insights and Capability of Transplace’s $11+ Billion Freight Network and Tools

DALLAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–#3PLTransplace, the premier provider of logistics technology and services, today introduced an industry-first, Transplace Platform Services (TPS). The cloud-based TPS suite provides shippers unprecedented access to Transplace’s technology, intelligence, and visibility platform to optimize supply chain operations in concert with their current Transportation Management System (TMS) infrastructure.

TPS Overview

Through a standard Application Programming Interface (API), shippers provide Transplace platform shipping-level data in the frequency they desire – from weekly to real-time – depending on the services they plan to use. TPS harmonizes the shipping data and compares it to the Transplace network, benchmarking the shipper against other shippers on the platform and in their industry vertical. TPS guides shipper action, through advanced technology and collaboration tools and enables full network visibility in real time, automating manual shipment tracking activities and proactively managing exceptions.

Eliminating Barriers

“By providing the ability to leverage the Transplace platform for data insights, advanced analytics, real-time shipment visibility, AI-powered service prediction and risk assessment, as well as advanced network collaboration technology, we eliminate a traditional barrier to entry to our full spectrum of logistics solutions – the changeout of existing TMS infrastructure,” said Frank McGuigan, chief executive officer of Transplace. “Through TPS, shippers will have access to Transplace’s key functionality, intelligence, and network leverage derived from managing over $11 billion in freight.”

TPS is enabled by a simple API into existing ERP or TMS systems. With a seamless integration and standardized solutions, TPS delivers undeniable value with minimal implementation costs and organizational effort.

Three Value Service Offerings

Transplace Platform Services provide shipper value through three distinct service offerings to meet shippers at their current level of maturity and capability, with maximum value attained when utilized as a whole:

TPS Data Insights allows benchmarking across the major key performance indicators of any transportation management program: cost, speed, and service. Data Insights also includes tactical reporting, such as weekly KPI reporting, performance dashboards, and on-demand data network analytics.

TPS Command Center includes full utilization of the Transplace Control Tower, which provides real-time visibility, AI-powered service prediction, and proactive transportation event monitoring.

TPS Marketplace unlocks the power of Transplace network collaboration services, enabling Platform Services shippers to partner with other Transplace shippers and a broad carrier network to capture carrier capacity through real-time freight auctions, long-term opportunistic continuous moves, collaborative dedicated fleet opportunities, or consolidation of less-than-truckload sized shipments through multi-stop truckloads and collaborative crossdocking.

Shippers in every industry can create resilient supply chains that consider end-to-end data, make fact-based decisions, and implement action plans that achieve real strategic results.

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About Transplace

Transplace is a technology and services company that hosts a proprietary logistics platform and provides engineering and execution services for global shippers. The platform and service offering deliver process automation, network optimization, and transparency driving an improved service and cost position. Transplace also provides value-added services through our strategic capacity services business (truck brokerage and intermodal) and our border management business, which includes customs brokerage and logistics services on the Mexican border. With over 1,000 customers and $11 billion of Freight Under Management (FUM) in North America alone, and a growing client base in Europe, Transplace continues to deliver the intelligent solutions that grow and differentiate the supply chains of its customers. To learn more, visit or follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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