UNISOC 4G Watch Platform W307 Is Newly Upgraded To Expand the Watch Platform Combination

HONGKONG, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / July 13, 2020 / UNISOC, the world’s leading supplier of core chips for mobile communications and the Internet of Things, launched its new smartwatch platform UNISOC W307. Based on ultra-low-power architecture design, it adopts the high-precision positioning scheme and highly integrated 4G full-network, which will bring users a richer intelligent experience.

The W307 is made using TSMC’s 28nm HPC+, with a chip integrated with CPU, memory, 4G multi-mode modem, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GNSS, and image system. W307 package area is smaller than the previous generation UNISOC 8521E, which brings more freedom for the design of terminal products. W307 significantly optimizes performance, connectivity, intelligence, and power consumption. Highlights of the platform include:

High integration: W307 SoC adopts a single-core A53 processor, and the packaging area is reduced by 30% compared with the previous generation, which greatly saves the PCB layout area and can be used as a single-side ornament.

Light system and low power consumption: W307 adopts RTOS lightweight system and has a smooth and responsive user experience. The overall power consumption is more than 30% lower than the previous generation, which can bring more lasting performance for smartwatches.

HD video calling: The W307 adopts UNISOC’s reliable, globally certified second-generation 4G LTE multi-mode modem. It supports LTE Cat-4, WCDMA, and GSM communication standards, providing 4G + Wi-Fi HD video calling.

Sub-meter high precision positioning: Combined with the AI multiple positioning technologies and high-precision positioning SDK of UNISOC, W307 can support sub-meter high precision positioning, and provide a strong technical foundation for the electronic fence and other application scenarios. It meets the needs of parents to obtain accurate positions of children.

Rich applications: W307 can be adapted to a variety of RTOS applications. It supports the nine-axis sensor and popular voice assistant, voice micro chat, pedometer, and other applications, which provides the rich and interesting interactive and entertainment experience for children.

As the demand for the watch market shifts from 2G to 4G and continues to grow rapidly, UNISOC takes a leading position in the field of 4G children’s watches by its innovative advantages and has established long-term cooperation with the mainstream smartwatch brands in the industry. The release of platform UNISOC W307 further enriched the platform portfolio for smartwatches.

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