UNISOC 8908A Has Been Fully Certified by Deutsche Telekom Which Marking a Breakthrough in NB-IoT Global Layout

SHANGHAI, CHINA / ACCESSWIRE / July 22, 2020 / Recently, UNISOC 8908A was granted Full Certification by Deutsche Telekom, following its Conditional Certification last year. The Full Certification means that Deutsche Telekom recognizes that GSMA TS.34 Radio Policy Manager has fully supported the UNISOC 8908A. The chipset is suitable for large-scale deployment of Internet of Things projects. At the same time, it also means that the product maturity of UNISOC 8908A has been promoted to a higher level under the strict testing standards of Deutsche Telekom, which is another critical breakthrough achieved by UNISOC in the global NB-IoT market layout.

Deutsche Telekom’s IoT certification test involves rigorous testing of crucial software technologies, network support capabilities, hardware capabilities. Among them, the RPM (Radio Policy Manager) test is one of the complex test projects. The RPM test means that the chipset can effectively reduce the waste of network resources and improve the network capacity to a large extent when working under the Network of Deutsche Telekom. The chipset can be suitable for large-scale deployment of the Internet of Things. If it doesn’t pass the RPM test, Deutsche Telekom will have strict limits on the number of chipset deployments.

UNISOC 8908A’s Full Certification by Deutsche Telekom means not only the chipset itself completely opened the European markets including Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, at the same time, it also made the module, terminal and other ecological partners based on UNISOC 8908A took the lead through a fast lane into the European market.

UNISCO has produced a number of NB-IoT products, including the NB-IoT chipset UNISOC 8908A, the NB-IoT /GSM Dual-mode chipset UNISOC 8909B, which is the best choice for large-scale applications in markets around the world, and UNISOC 8811, a new product with a smaller size, which will soon be commercially available.

At present, several module products based on UNISOC’s NB-IoT products are actively carrying out the certification of Telefonica, India Reliance Jio, America Telecom, and other overseas Telecom operators. It is expected that UNISOC will help accelerate the layout of NB-IoT in global markets in 2020.

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