Warm-Up & Recovery – Herbal Martial Arts Formula Gets Re-Engineered for All Sports

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / July 11, 2020 / Athlon Rub is an enhanced herbal sport formula with a unique history and tradition. Made from a traditional martial arts formula, Athlon Rub is designed to help athletes with warm-up activities, performance, and recovery. It is undeniable that there is an immense physical strain that goes with combat sports, particularly an elite and violent Martial Art like Muay Thai.

As in all professional sports, athletes must warm up properly to perform at their peak and in order to avoid or reduce injury. Similarly, after strenuous physical activity, they need to find ways to relieve muscle and joint pains. With this comes Athlon Rub.

Athlon Rub includes natural ingredients like arnica, turmeric, and Thai Plai which are not present in other Thai Oils. It is precisely calibrated to match the needs of athletes by using an enhanced time-tested martial arts formula. Made in a state-of-the-art FDA and ISO certified laboratory, this herbal based product is redesigned to penetrate further to the skin and act faster than other liniments on the market.

The man behind Athlon Rub is Anthony Salcedo. He is an entrepreneur and a martial arts enthusiast. For over a decade, he has followed the developments of combat sports, mainly Muay Thai. As the sport grew ever-popular, so did Salcedo’s knowledge about it and his desire to be part of that growth. The love for the sport as well as it’s beloved Thai Oil formula led Salcedo to work with the main Thai Oil company based in Bangkok, Thailand to ultimately create Athlon Rub years later.

“Our product helps athletes perform and recover better by loosening their muscles and joints and increasing blood flow. The pleasant herbal scent is also invigorating and serves to open nasal passages to increase oxygen consumption which aids in performance during extreme physical exertion. Some of our ingredients also have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties, which serve to protect one’s skin from gym breed bacteria,” explained Salcedo.

The world of martial arts was not the original pursuit of Salcedo. Before Athlon Rub, he worked formally for a Miami Beach company owned by the multinational luxury and consumer goods giant, LVMH Group as their Business Planning Director. At the start of the 2008 recession, Salcedo was unexpectedly terminated and found himself at a crossroads of his career. Salcedo decided to switch lanes. He wanted to become his own boss and what better way to do that than pursuing something he loves.

Prior to the breakout of creating Athlon Rub, he first earned the right to become the exclusive distributor for Namman Muay, a leading liniment oil brand primarily used by Muay Thai / Thai Boxing practitioners regularly before training and competition. As the exclusive distributor, Salcedo met many icons in the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and Muay Thai sport world, and increased his network of connections. For years, he sold a product based on a traditional Thai formula, which became key to his later venture. With first-hand knowledge gained by working with the FDA, the Thai Lab and the niche product market, Salcedo had developed many ideas on where and how to enhance the product. Those ideas fell on deaf ears with the Thai company causing Salcedo to switch lanes again. “When you love what you do and are certain to your core you can improve it, you execute,” said Salcedo. He affirms that runners, soccer players, weight lifters, sport therapists, athletes from all walks will prefer the benefits of Athlon Rub over the over-the-counter products that are currently available.

With Athlon Rub, the corporate professional-turned-entrepreneur strives to produce the best warm-up and muscle relief formula for all athletes. Their USA based lab is State of the Art and Athlon Rub’s formula is third party tested and certified to be safe for professional athletic use. No banned substances are ever used (PED free) and the product is routinely blind tested for absolute consistency. Additionally, Athlon Rub is color-less and does not stain; they do not add artificial coloring or scent variations as other Thai Oil brands do. With extensive research and foreknowledge, Salcedo is upping the game for his competitors. Athlon Rub works magic. It works incredibly as a warm-up enhancer and provides efficient muscle relief and recovery for self-care as well as during sport therapies like massage, cupping, graston (Gua Sha), etc.

With cutting-edge laboratories and a deep background of Thai oil, Salcedo created an athlete rub that meets the needs of today’s evolving athletes.

For more information about Athlon Rub, visit their website: AthlonRub.com. Follow them on their official Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube account for updates.

For queries, you can contact them at info@athlonrub.com or 800-770-2249.

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